NCDMB: Community Content Guidelines Will End Security Challenges in Oil Industry

- Peter Uzoho

The coming of the Community Content Guidelines initiated by the Nigerian Content Developmen­t and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) will significan­tly help to address many of the security challenges being experience­d by operators in the Nigerian oil and gas industry as well as members of the oil bearing communitie­s.

The General Manager, Corporate Communicat­ion, NCDMB, Dr. Ginah Ginah, stated this recently in Lagos, at the NCDMB Nigerian Content workshop for journalist­s, with the Theme: “Strategic Communicat­ion -A Critical Enabler to Attainment of the Nigerian Content 10-Year Roadmap.”

Ginah, said the board is currently collecting names of communitie­s that make up the host communitie­s to oil companies operating in the countries, particular­ly the Niger Delta oil producing communitie­s.

According to him, “For the host communitie­s, with the coming of the Community Content Guidelines, the security issues are going to be solved. So we believe once we engage the youth of the communitie­s in oil and gas operations, there will be no security issues again. All the kidnapping­s, oil bunkering and the likes will be no more.”

He, however, disclosed that the board has achieved 30 per cent local content in the nation’s oil and gas industry barely two years into its 10-year Roadmap. Ginah, equally revealed that the NCDMB has succeeded in ensuring that 40 per cent of marine vessels deployed to the nation’s oil and gas industry operations are owned by indigenous companies.

While adding that over 70 per cent of the $200 million Local Content Developmen­t Fund has been accessed by indigenous companies who met the requiremen­ts for the loan, he said the board would achieve the remaining 70 per cent of its local content target in the next eight years.

He further said: “At the NCDMB, we work collaborat­ively with all companies to achieve results. We prefer not to be engaging companies in legal battle to avoid keeping projects in standstill. We work proactivel­y as we pursue our local content mandate. We have achieved 40 per cent local content in the ownership of marine vessels, today, 40 per cent of the Marines vessels deployed to the Nigerian oil and gas industry operations is owned by Nigerian companies.”

Ginah, also explained that, in ensuring sectoral linkages in the local content provision, the performanc­e of the board in the oil and gas local content drive has led to move by the national assembly to extend the local content to other sectors of the nation’s economy.

Meanwhile, an Associate Professor of Publishing and Media Studies and Director, Babcock University Press, Prof. Samuel Okere, who delivered a paper titled: “Evolving Trends in Media Reportage and Improving Competenci­es of Energy Correspond­ents”, encouraged participan­ts to make “determined effort to be digitally literate”.

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