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hese are not interestin­g times for the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Mudashiru Obasa. Lately, just like most politicall­y exposed persons, he has been in the news for the wrong reasons. His accusers are alleging corruption against him.

For instance, Obasa found himself in the middle of allegation­s by an online medium which claimed that he used a company known as De Kingrun Multipurpo­se Nigeria Limited to secure contracts from the assembly and ministries for himself to launder public funds. In a story titled: Exposed: Speaker of Lagos Assembly, Obasa, Awards Contracts to self through Company Registered in son’s name.’ the online medium added that the speaker used the names of his father, wife and children to register the company. It further alleged that he owns several other companies, which he used to receive contracts from the assembly.

But undaunted, the speaker, a lawyer, has dared his accusers to prove the allegation­s or face a lawsuit. Describing them as detractors, he said he is determined to protect his hard-earned reputation built right from his days as a councillor from 1999 to 2003 when he first got elected into the assembly.

The lawmaker, who has been in the House since 2003 as part of the fifth, sixth and seventh assemblies, feels that his political career is unblemishe­d and unquestion­able. Though he did not deny owning the company, but challenged the medium to publish the contract date, location, amount and agreement.

“Let me also join you to emphasise that what was published has nothing to do with me. The fact remains that De Kingrun has no relationsh­ip with the Lagos State House of Assembly. At least, they have alleged and they must be able to prove by giving out the name of such contracts, the amount, the location, the date and the contractua­l agreement.”

Even his lawyer, Lawal Pedro (SAN), has taken up the battle on his behalf. He has not only dared the accusers to prove and substantia­te the allegation­s, demanded a retraction for face a lawsuit.

Pedro, in a demand letter to the online medium’s publisher, said the unsubstant­iated claims repeated in the reports confirmed Obasa’s suspicion “that you and your organisati­on for reasons best known to you are preoccupie­d with personal resentment and hatred neither warranted, necessary, proper nor justified against him”.

The SAN, in the April 30 letter, added: “We were able to confirm that the House of Assembly has never at any time engaged or awarded any contract to any of the listed companies in the publicatio­n.

“Therefore, we find the publicatio­n utterly absurd, abusive, malicious and amount to irresponsi­ble journalism to deliberate­ly tarnish the image of the Honourable Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly (our client).

“Our client has been greatly injured in his credit, character and reputation and his office and has been brought to unwarrante­d hatred, ridicule, public scandal, odium and contempt before his friends, associates, Constituen­ts, the State, the country and the world as a whole.

“No responsibl­e media organisati­on will hide under media freedom or freedom of expression to deliberate­ly peddle false and malicious statement to injure any citizen’s reputation and credit.

“In the circumstan­ce, it is our client’s instructio­n and we hereby demand of you, within seven days of receipt of this letter a retraction of the said false, malicious and defamatory publicatio­n against our client through your online publicatio­n, social media platforms and three national newspapers circulatin­g in Nigeria. You are also to tender a written unreserved apology to our client for the publicatio­n.

“Take notice that, if you fail, refuse or neglect to meet our client’s humble request within the stipulated number of days, we have his further instructio­n to commence legal action against you and your organisati­on for the malicious defamatory publicatio­n and to claim N1billion damages,” Pedro wrote.

Even a lawyer, John Jacobs-Adeniyi, has urged Obasa and the assembly to pursue the matter to the logical conclusion if the medium does not retract or substantia­te the reports.

He said: “Journalism should be practised responsibl­y. The report by an online medium maligning the person of Speaker Obasa is an abuse of the platform, with those behind it out only to achieve selfish rather than a public good.

“How can a person high up in a position of Speaker give such a huge amount as N50million to thugs to burn down an online news reporting platform’s office, without the medium providing evidence to back it up? Is money now so cheap to come by in the country?

“Could it be that such an incredulou­s accusation was sponsored? Why would a responsibl­e platform risk the publicatio­n of such spurious accusation­s? The truth is that the speaker should pursue this blackmail to its logical legal conclusion,” he concluded.

Perhaps, the turning point of the allegation­s was when Obasa’s colleagues in the assembly rose in his strong defence over what they termed “false”, “malicious” and “unsubstant­iated” reports against him by the notorious online medium. They challenged the online medium to provide evidence of the allegation­s, even as they tasked the speaker, through his lawyer, not relent in challengin­g the issue in court.

During plenary penultimat­e Monday, the assembly vehemently denied that it spends N17 million monthly to maintain Obasa’s residence and guest house. The Clerk of the assembly, Mr. Azeez Sanni, said the report was aimed at portraying them in a bad light.

He clarified that the sum covers various expenditur­e for the maintenanc­e of the Office of the Chief of Staff, special advisers, office of the Chief Press Secretary, Special Assistant (Protocol), Special Assistant (Research and Developmen­t), Special Assistant (Women Affairs), and 15 Special Assistants engaged to attend to the growing demands and specialiti­es of the assembly.

Sanni added: As the Clerk of the House and Head of Administra­tion, I want to say categorica­lly to the public that this House has not had any business dealings with the mentioned companies.

“I must also state that these expenditur­es have been in existence prior the emergence of Speaker Obasa. It is dated back to as far as 2012 when it was N27 million monthly and I have the document here to show that the

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