Chivita Unveils New Campaign

- Stories by Emma Okonji

Chivita, has launched a new communicat­ion campaign tagged ‘Chivita with Meals.’

A statement explained that the campaign was designed to inspire consumers to continue enjoying the quality nourishmen­t Chivita juices provide, and to associate Chivita with everyday meal moments through consumptio­n of Chivita with their meals in-home or out of home.

The range of Chivita juices (Chivita 100%, Chivita Active, Chi Exotic, Happy Hour by Chivita, and Chivita Ice Tea) are a great combinatio­n of taste and nourishmen­t which complement your everyday meals.

“The Chivita with Meals campaign therefore aligns with the popular trend amongst Nigerians who enhance their everyday dining experience­s by complement­ing great tasting meals with nourishing beverages.

“Complement­ing Chivita fruit juices, specifical­ly anyone of the range of Chivita 100% healthy variants, with your breakfast meals is a good way to kick-start your mornings, as these products are packed with essential vitamins and minerals to boost your overall health.

“Drinking any of the

Chivita fruit juices, for example Chivita Active or Happy Hour by Chivita, is a great way to finish off your meals & snacks,” the statement added.

Deployed across different communicat­ion channels, it stated that the campaign will be executed in different cities and regions across the country.

“The visually stimulatin­g images showing different, familiar meals which appeal and connect with the culture, traditions and ethnicity of the diverse Nigerian population.

“The Chivita with Meals images have been mostly paired with 2 favourite products from the Chivita family – Chi Exotic and Chivita Ice Tea.”

According to the company’s Brand Manager, Mr. Oladapo Olanrewaju, “we developed our exciting communicat­ion in response to consumer feedback that tells us these two flavours are consumer favourites for pairing with meals, which gives them that great, pleasurabl­e meal experience every day.”

Speaking on the newly launched campaign, CHI Limited Marketing Director, Mrs. Toyin Nnodi, stated that, “The Chivita With Meals campaign aims to reinforce the fact that Chivita is the perfect fruit juice complement for your daily meals.”

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