Saitel to Bridge Internet Gap in Nigeria with Satellite

- Nosa Alekhuogie

Sairtel, a broadband internet service provider, has promised to bridge internet connectivi­ty gap across the country, through its broadband access.

While most of the existing operators lay fibre cables to provide access with lots of difficulti­es in reaching the hinterland­s, Sairtel said its service would be satellite-based hence it is unsure and can be accessed even in the remotest parts of the country.

Speaking at a recent media briefing to announce its entry into the Nigerian broadband space, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of Sairtel, Mr. Salvation Alibor, said: “Internet access is no longer a luxury but a necessity for all. We are driven by the passion that all Nigerians and even all Africans must be connected to the internet. If we can extend internet service to the remotest part of Nigeria, it will create a lot of opportunit­ies. People can learn anything through the internet even when they are in the village. It means that there is no disadvanta­ge when you are connected to the internet because it provides a level-playing ground for all.”

Alibor noted that the challenge of Internet access in Nigeria stemmed from the high cost of deploying infrastruc­ture.”

According to him, this has forced mobile network operators to deploy services mainly in major cities, where they know they can easily recoup their investment­s. “While you are enjoying fast internet in Lagos, if you move outside Lagos to Ibafo area, you will discover that the service you get can’t be as what you get within Lagos,” he said.

“Sairtel ensures that you have access to the internet irrespecti­ve of where you are in Nigeria. Our internet is not about being in the town or city, it is everywhere, whether you are in the forest, city, mountain top or dessert, we are there because we are using satellite,” he added.

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