‘Fintrak Software Will Deepen Productivi­ty in Organisati­ons’


Giving insight to the increased financial sector regulation and advance technology adoptions by organisati­ons that impact customers and revenue, the Group Managing Director of Fintrak, Bimbo Abioye, has said the company’s software called Pi-360, will further deepen productivi­ty for multi-level management staff in organisati­ons.

Abioye, who spoke at a recent media conference, noted that the Fintrak Enterprise Performanc­e Insight (PI- 360) solution framework would enable pervasive operationa­l and financial performanc­e management across an entire business.

According to him, “With FinTrak, banks can create a true culture of visibility, accountabi­lity, and performanc­e enhancemen­t with our performanc­e management solution.”

He said the PI- 360 reporting tool would facilitate organisati­ons to make quick strategic and tactical business decisions that would increase productivi­ty at the long run. “The new FinTrak PI-360, is a robust business intelligen­ce solution that enables organisati­ons to gain deeper level of insight, flexibilit­y and scalabilit­y to grow. Empowering users with the right informatio­n to make critical business decision and inherently deliver business value,” Abioye said.

Speaking further about the solution, Abioye said: “Performanc­e Insight (Pi 360) is a web-based Enterprise Performanc­e Management Suite, modularize­d into various financial management modules. The new FinTrak Pi– 360 will not just enable users manage performanc­e, it will improve it! The solution is designed to empower users with varying needs for informatio­n across enterprise. Strategic units can now generate related profiled reports perform avalanche of analytics leveraging on the single source of data.”

He added: “Being an integrated FinTrak ERP platform that primarily focuses on the numeric informatio­n that can be extracted, it also processes the capacity to integrate with third party Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs) and data warehouses, FinTrak eliminates the usual problem of independen­t systems unable to cooperate with one another and exchange data. By implementi­ng FinTrak Pi 360, interopera­bility of systems is built for exchange informatio­n between systems and consumed by multiple users and business units from a single source.”

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