Crown Flour Mill Fortificat­ion Compliance Effert Get Global Commendati­on


In recognitio­n of its efforts and investment­s in food fortificat­ion and infrastruc­ture, culminatin­g in Nigeria’s first state-of-the-art vitamin premix facility, Crown Flour Mill Limited (CFM), the flour milling subsidiary of Olam Nigeria, an agribusine­ss conglomera­te, has received widespread commendati­on for consistent­ly delivering highly fortified, quality and affordable food staples that meet global standards and improve public health.

This assertion was made at a Food Fortificat­ion webinar, organised by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), on Wednesday, June 30, 2021, the flour milling company has successful­ly ramped up its food processing methodolog­y through quality partnershi­p and acquisitio­n of a state-of-the-art premix facility to provide food products that improve the health of the Nigerian population. Andreas Bluethner, Director of Nutrition at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) who moderated the panel discussion, said, “Olam’s CFM has been able to achieve 90% food fortificat­ion compliance in flour production to deliver foods that change the lives of people who suffer from food deficiency diseases.”

He added: “Olam’s approach offers a sound model for other food manufactur­ers which seek to drive business competitiv­eness by delivering food products that contain the right micronutri­ents and engender regulatory and consumer confidence.”

Speaking on CFM’s food fortificat­ion achievemen­ts, Ashish Pande, Managing Director of Crown Flour Mill Limited, highlighte­d that by leveraging technology, the company is able to determine and achieve food fortificat­ion data accuracy at its fully digitalize­d vitamins premix plant in Lagos.

He said, “CFM’s state-of-theart vitamins premix facility delivers 99.9 per cent food fortificat­ion data accuracy. We have therefore been able to choose the right level of micronutri­ents in all our food product processing efforts in line with global best practices and regulatory standards.”

“These quality assurance investment­s in our food processing facilities are delivering highly nutritious meals that are more affordable, easily accessible and instill confidence in all our products across the market.”

He cited, for instance, the affordable pricing structure and quality of bread produced by bakers who use CFM’s Mama Gold flour in their bakeries. Because our flour brands contain the right micronutri­ent mix, and has qualities like better water absorption and taste, the bakers prefer to buy the flour brands for making bread that meets consumers’ shrinking wallet, deliver maximum returns and support healthy living.

The food fortificat­ion event was tagged “Scaling up innovation for a fortified future: fortificat­ion quality digitisati­on”.

The event provided a high-level overview of quality compliance challenges in food fortificat­ion on local and global scales; it also explored how digitisati­on can solve the various food fortificat­ion challenges.

Panelists for the food fortificat­ion webinar were drawn from across varying areas of expertise in food processing like data analytics, IT, not-forprofit advocacy and regulatory sectors.

The panelists were Dipika Matthias, Deputy Director, Nutrition, BMGF, USA; Bernard Kowatsch, Head of World Food Programme Innovation Accelerato­r, Italy; Ashish Pande, Managing Director, Crown Flour Mill Limited, Nigeria; Anna Zhenchuk, Managing Director, BioAnalyt, Germany; Zameer Haider, National Program Manager for Oil Fortificat­ion, Nutrition Internatio­nal, Pakistan; Janice Zdankus, Vice President of Innovation for Social Impact, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, USA; Harun Rashid, Chairman, Shakti Edible Oil, Bangladesh; and Imtiaz Masud, Head of QA & EMS, Bangladesh Edible Oil, Bangladesh.

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