Barca Apologise over Griezmann, Dembele Viral Video


Barcelona have apologised for the recent video of Ousmane Dembele and Antoine Griezmann which appeared to show the pair mocking Asian hotel staě.

The clip was recorded back in 2019 prior to the club's preseason tour of Japan, though only recently surfaced on the club's YouTube channel and then social media.

The pair could be seen laughing at a group of Asian hotel staě who were appearing to try to ęx a television, but both players have since apologised and claimed there were no racial connotatio­ns behind their jokes.

Barcelona have now had their say on the incident, taking to their oĜcial website to release a statement apologisin­g to anyone who may have been oěended by the video, adding that they reserve the right to take internal action against Dembele and Griezmann.

"FC Barcelona deeply regret the displeasur­e amongst Japanese and Asian fans and partners of our club caused by a video that appeared a few days ago on social media in which two ęrst team players (Ousmane Dembele and Antoine Griezmann) displayed a lack of respect in their aĴitude towards several employees in the hotel in which they were staying," the statement read.

"This aĴitude in no way coincides with the values that FC Barcelona represents and defends.

"The values of the club and its sponsors should be something that FC Barcelona protects, and this belief is present at all levels of the organisati­on, from the board of directors and executives to the players in the club’s various sporting teams.

"The club is commiĴed to improving its education on questions of race, discrimina­tion and diversity. At FC Barcelona there is no place for racism or discrimina­tion.

"FC Barcelona would like to apologise publicly to all the club’s fans and partners who feel unhappy about this event from the summer of 2019, a time when the club’s responsibi­lities fell to a board directors and executive team previous to the current.

"The board of directors that today manage the club are commiĴed to making sure episodes of this nature do not repeat themselves.

"The players have already shown their regret and have apologised to Japanese fans and partners, something that the club values. Neverthele­ss, FC Barcelona reserve the right to take the internal measures that it considers appropriat­e."

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