Nomination Opens for IATA Awards


The Internatio­nal Air Transport Associatio­n( IA TA) is inviting nomination­s for the 2021 Diversity and Inclusion Awards. “The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped the aviation industry’s agenda on diversity and inclusion. In fact, it has been an opportunit­y to redouble our efforts to improve our performanc­e. Improving our gender balance, in particular, is a top priority as seen by the growing number of signatorie­s to the 20by2025 pledge. “The second edition of the IATA Diversity and Inclusion Awards would once again highlight exceptiona­l work in this area. Along with honoring those leading change, the awards aim to inspire even greater urgency in driving the changes needed to strengthen aviation with a commitment to diversity and inclusion at the industry’s highest levels of leadership”, said IATA’s Director General, Willie Walsh. The awards recognise three categories of Diversity and Inclusion leadership: Inspiratio­nal Role Model Award - Recognises a woman holding a senior position within the air transport industry who has had a significan­t impact on the aviation agenda through her strong contributi­on to business delivery, as well as her ongoing support of the diversity and inclusion agenda. Nominees are welcome from across the aviation industry. Also, the High Flyer Award recognises a young female aviation profession­al under the age of 40 who has demonstrat­ed leadership through concrete action in favor of diversity and inclusion, making a positive impact on the industry. The Diversity& Inclusion Team Award also recognises an airline that has seen measurable change in diversity and inclusion as a result of the work it has been doing in this area. Open to all IATA member airlines.

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