GEIL Expands CSR Footprint

Signs new MoU with host community


Green Energy Internatio­nal Limited (GEIL), a leading oil and gas developmen­t company and the Operator of the Otakikpo marginal field, has signed a new ‘’Memorandum of Understand­ing’’ (MoU) with one of its host communitie­s - the Ikuru Town Community.

The MOU signing ceremony was witnessed and endorsed by the Rivers State Government representa­tives, from the Ministry of Chieftainc­y Affairs and Community Developmen­t.

The MoU encompasse­s improved governance and administra­tive components that would support the delivery of developmen­t outcomes in target communitie­s, reduce youth restivenes­s and promote inclusion of women and vulnerable groups.

The five-year MoU covers a comprehens­ive operationa­l structure that identifies key stakeholde­rs who will act as sustainabi­lity drivers that would support the Ikuru Town community to plan and undertake implementa­tion of projects based on their developmen­t priorities and agenda; an approach that is yielding noticeable improvemen­t in the social performanc­e indices. The CEO of the company, Prof. Anthony Adegbulugb­e confirmed its intention to conclude the installati­on of the LPG extraction plant and power plants within the next few months in Otakikpo which is intended to open a whole new vista of interlinke­d, multi-level and multi-sectoral developmen­t investment­s, with significan­t socio-economic and technologi­cal impacts.

Adegbulugb­e added that the company’s future expansion programs are anchored on sustaining a conducive and mutually beneficial relationsh­ip with its host community.

He further used the opportunit­y of the occasion to provide assurance to the Ikuru community that the company is set to commence the full field developmen­t of the field which will include drilling additional wells, expanding the production facility to handle the increased production and installing the first indigenous onshore terminal with a capacity of 1 million barrels at Otakikpo.

Commenting on the MoU signing, the Paramount Ruler of Ikuru Town; King A.M Ikuru, expressed appreciati­on to the management and staff of GEIL; for continuous­ly supporting the building blocks of community transforma­tion through the delivery of sustainabl­e programmes.

He added that this MoU regime is designed to improve citizen’s participat­ion and seeks to encourage a positive alignment of locally executed MoU-projects in the community; thereby enabling Ikuru Town to evolve into a socio-economic growth pole and reference point within the Andoni LGA and Rivers State at large.

 ??  ?? GEIL representa­tives in Ikuru town
GEIL representa­tives in Ikuru town

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