The Sounds of No Hands Clapping

- Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne, Australia

There is a philosophi­cal question,“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”and this could be extended to“If no one goes to the Olympics did they happen?” The Japanese Government has finally decided that there will be no crowds at the 2021 Olympics which seems a wise and quite expected decision. What will really be different? The athletes will still be able to compete unless there are positive cases and then events will stop and eventually maybe the competitio­n will stop. There will still be winners and some records will probably be broken but at what risk to the athlete and official’s health?

Perhaps it would be better to put a line through 2021 and come back in 2024 for the safety of everyone although given how a number of countries are handling the COVID virus that might be 2028 or 2032. The world has bigger problems than who will win the 100m race and the Usain Bolt record isn’t likely to be beaten for a long time. Sit at home, watch it in safety and cheer through your masks.

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