Jemiriye Celebrates Lagos


Charismati­c, elegant, stylish, beautiful, bold with a powerful sonorous voice. That’s Jemiriye. She uses her songs to campaign for the liberation of theAfrican woman, promoting peace inAfrica, saying no to child marriage, empowering the African woman and campaignin­g for theAfrican child’s education.

She just produced a new song she titles, Lagos, which reverences the city. She has a base of opportunit­ies where so many people have been made prosperous from all spheres of endeavours. About the song, she said, “So many things go on around the world now and in Africa we tend to focus on our negative side and that breaks my heart. Every country has its own problems but they don’t tell you how bad it is, but we tend to blow things out of proportion­s. Focusing on our negative sides does a lot of damage to us but we are a happy people. And I just wanted to focus on Lagos as a Center of Excellence as it is and celebrate it. My song, Lagos, came to be as a result of that image for Africa to make the world see us with the goodness and excellence imbedded in it.”

Jemiriye’s music is rooted in a mix of Highlife, Classic, Afro Jazz, Afro Soul which coins into Afro Fusion. It has a mix of diͿerent rhythms and sounds. Growing up, Jemiriye listened to and sang diͿerent genres of music, making her one of the most versatile singers of her generation.

As a former Nigerian idol star, she advocates contestant­sshouldkee­pvotingpre­ssuresmana­ged and not run into debts over voting expectatio­ns. She stated, “Do not break the bank trying to impress people.

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