I’m No Longer Working for Fame…This is the Time to Start Making Money from My Passion


See her as being razz, call her controvers­y. Whatever you make of her doings, wave-making Nollywood actress and brand influencer, Nkechi Blessing Sunday tells you she is not as you perceive but what her brand is outside the glam. This ‘Igbo-Yoruba’ sister by her affinity with both cultures, appears packed on the screen and on social media. NBS as she’s fondly called, starred alongside Regina Askia in her comeback movie. In this conversati­on with Ferdinand Ekechukwu, NBS talks about her life and thought-provoking issues borne-out of personal experience­s

You have been in the eyes of the storm concerning your opinion on the alleged child molestatio­n case against your colleague Baba Ijesha. . . The last time I spoke about it got me a suspension. I’m tired of talking about that thing.

But you have apologized to the body (TAMPAN) now…

Eehn. Yeah exactly, so…

How do you feel about how the matter has played out?

Erm… to be very, very sincere I don’t know, I don’t know because if some people would notice I actually stopped when a lot of people were saying let the court be the judge. I said okay, Àne. But I know for sure that justice must be served. The fact that he was granted bail does not mean he is totally free. It simply means he would be coming from his house to court until the matter is decided.That’showIthink­itshouldju­stplayout.

Whatdoyout­hinkthatne­edstobeadd­ressed in Nollywood and how would you love to see it addressed?

Thethingis­thatIamact­uallynotth­eirproblem in that Yoruba sector of Nollywood because it is divided. There’s the English and there’s the Yoruba. They need to pay more attention to paying their cast… their artistes well enough because these people that are suspending me Nkechi Blessing Sunday has left them a long time ago when they can no longer pay my bills. Yes! Because I am no longer working for fame, I think God has blessed me to a point where I will say I cannot walk on the street and one or two people will not say ‘oh that is Nkechi’. And this is the time to start making money oͿ my passion. It is a passion yes I love it. But it has to make me money. It has to do one or two things for me. I will go on location, I will work, I will do twenty scenes, I will do thirty scenes, you will give me N10,000 you will give me N15,000. How long will that N15,000 or N10,000 build me a house? How long will I save to buy a car? The only time that I get to feel that I am working and being paid is when I do English movies. The moment I startedbus­inesslasty­earwaswhen­IdecidedIj­ust needed to face my business because it was given me more money and taking care of my family; I have a large family. I have my sisters, I have my mother, and I have my cousins. That’s only me. I have over seventeen people living under my roof that is looking up to me for daily survival. Because I don’t come out of the glam to talk about my problem does not mean I don’t have.

So you think one of the problems is to pay artistes well, any other problem you want to mention in addition?

They have lots of problem in that industry and only God can solve them for them, not me because I don’t even know what to say.

Away from TAMPAN wahala, what’s up with you at the moment, are there any show or project that you’re on?

RightnowIa­mbentonwin­ningaN120,000,000 (one hundred and twenty million naira) prize on a celebrity show that is going on right now. It’s going to be on for eight weeks and that’s where I am.

What’s the name of the reality show?

It’s called ‘Celebrity Come Build Reality TV Show Naija’. It is huge; where celebritie­s come together to build a three bedroom bungalow. So that is what I am on now. After eight weeks of my life dedicating it to that show, by the Grace of God I emerge the winner of that show, then I would know my next project.

So you really feel you will emerge winner?

100%. I’m always positive in my life. I never talk negative words to myself. I’m a winner.

 ??  ?? Blessing

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