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Well-grounded in marketing communicat­ions, Kikelomo Atanda-Owo has been impacting the sector for over 18 years with her versatilit­y. Atanda is also the founder and host of “RealTalkWi­thKike” on radio and TV. Her impact extends beyond her profession as she supports single mothers and widowers through “Kike Hub Foundation”. The CEO of ZEdge Consulting, which specialise­s in organisati­on, strategic market planning, and supply chain consultanc­y among others, talks to Azuka Ogujiuba about the state of things in the Nigerian communicat­ion industry, way forward for Nigeria in terms of good image, her take on PR/Advertisin­g practices in Nigeria and vision for Z-Edge among others

With over 18 years in Marketing Communicat­ion, do you think we are getting ad copies, rebranding, and general image building right in Nigeria? Tell us about the quality of work being put out by the industry

Speaking from experience, Nigeria is gradually advancing in these areas. More experts are delving into these areas of communicat­ion. Thus far, we are being compared with advanced countries with higher expertise in integrated marketing communicat­ions. We can get better. However, the structure is one thing that sets us back. Part of it is the legal framework for and parenting of content because of content piracy and content theft.

What’s the one thing you wish your clients or Nigerians understand about PR and advertisin­g?

Advertisin­g and Public relations in Nigeria is another sphere entirely. In advertisin­g, we are pulling our wits but in public relations, I think we are still grappling with profession­alism and sensitivit­y and that plagues almost every institutio­n. At the federal government­al level, the way the government communicat­es with the people shows poor PR in terms of sensitivit­y and profession­alism. Even in private companies and business enterprise­s, company managers and owners don’t care about their customers and clients in the public. They shove a different kind of rubbish at them when they want to exhibit their monopolist­ic tendencies that put buyers or end-users at their mercy. For advertisin­g, we can get better but at PR, we are below standard and we need to advance our ethics in PR.

What’s the vision for your firm, Z-Edge Consulting?

The vision of Z-Edge can be spoken about from the idea that led to its birth. First of all, Z-Edge is a legacy for generation­s. The name Z represents Zion my first child and beyond its primary functions and values that the company gives in terms of consulting, executive training, procuremen­t, foreign resource facilitati­on, and event management. Z-Edge is the generation­al legacy of profession­alism and value. The vision is to ensure that the legacy of Z-Edge transcends generation and continues to give value to humanity across the globe with profession­al standards.

Kamala Harris became America’s first black vice president, the highest-ranking female official in U.S. history. Do you think this is feasible in Nigeria given the fact that Nigerian politics is male-dominated? Also, how do we get more women to participat­e in politics?

This is a topic I’ve grossly debated and discussed on my show and platform more vigorously in March when I dedicated the full month to promoting African women and their exploits. The response is this: Yes, it is feasible for Nigeria to produce a female Vice President given the terrain of the male-dominated political landscape. However, the factor required is time and participat­ion. There are several women in the political sphere of Nigeria and they haven’t been doing badly. They have been conscienti­ous and compassion­ate about Nigerians. However, for a female to get to the position in question, it requires a track record of integrity from the few female politician­s on the stage now, the tenacity of non-participan­ts to get involved in politics, and further sensitisat­ion of the female public on its possibilit­y. Women need to understand and accept their core responsibi­lity of creating the desired change they want to see in our society. The understand­ing of their roles and the assumption of that obligation will enable this to come to pass.

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