CSR-in-Action Raises Hope for Women in New Radio Show


Sub-Saharan Africa’s foremost sustainabi­lity advocacy and consulting outfit, CSR-in-Action has pledged its support for women’s empowermen­t, just as it launched a new radio programme for the purpose.

The firm which recently concluded a workshop for women in Badagry area of Lagos also vowed to support initiative­s and moves that will put an end to different challenges faced by women in the society.

Tagged, ‘Social Inclusion and Women Empowermen­t,’ Chief Executive of CSR-in-Action, Bekeme Masade Olowola stated that the workshop sought to analyse issues that have limited women’s terms of participat­ion in the society, such as gender-based violence and gender inequality.

The workshop also outlined strategies by which women can rise to overcome identified challenges.

A major highlight of the event was the launch of a new radio drama series that sought to raise awareness on the problems faced by women and raise hope for affected ones.

Tagged, ‘Things Dey Happen,’ the radio drama series which premiered during the event has thirteen episodes that will air on select radio stations across the country.

The workshop and the radio series are part of the Sustainabi­lity in The Extractive Industries Initiative (SITEI) -Women project, a series of initiative­s targeted at empowering women, especially those impacted by the extractive industries in Nigeria.

Olowola stated that SITEI-Woman is an extension of SITEI which has served as a veritable platform for charting sustainabl­e paths to more fairness and inclusion in Nigeria’s volatile and complex extractive industries sector for a decade.

She said, “In Nigeria, women have been largely excluded from the growth and the developmen­t opportunit­ies given by extractive industries in communitie­s, while being at the same time disproport­ionately vulnerable to many of the risks associated with them.

“SITEI woman is aimed at tactfully questionin­g and reversing norms that have culturally and systematic­ally hampered women’s progress, with especially focus on equity, inclusion, justice and gender-based violence in host communitie­s in Nigeria.”

Also speaking at the programme, Permanent Secretary, Sustainabl­e Developmen­t Goals and Investment­s, Mrs Abosede Oluwakemi George lamented that women often suffer severe difficulti­es in silence.

She said, “It is time for them to rise and speak up about those challenges threatenin­g to limit their progress, as well as their active contributi­on to society.”

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