WFA Unveils Platforms to Improve Brands Productivi­ty


The World Federation of Advertiser­s (WFA) has launched three new forums that aimed to assist global and regional marketers to distribute peer-to-peer learning on relevant issues such as: marketing capabiliti­es, agency management and in-housing.

The federation announced that the forum will be chaired by senior marketers from AB InBev, Reckitt and Unilever.

“The Agency Management Forum will be headed up by Tammy Hourigan, Global Agency Relations Director at Unilever; The In-house Forum will be led by Tracy Stallard, Global VP, Experienti­al & In House

Agency (draftLine) at AB InBev while the Marketing Capability Forum will be chaired by Becky Verano, Global Director of Marketing Operations and Capabiliti­es at Reckitt,” it stated.

Providing more detail, Chief Executive O΀cer of

WFA, Stephan Loerke said, “We are delighted to expand our range of specialist groups addressing major challenges that many regional and global companies can struggle with.

In bringing our best-in-class peer-to-peer learning environmen­ts to these increasing­ly critical areas, we hope to equip our members with the knowledge they need to tackle their individual challenges.”

Also speaking, Global Director of Marketing Operations and Capabiliti­es at Reckitt, Becky Verano, added, “Recent tumultuous events have highlighte­d areas where brands need greater skills, notably around purpose and D&I as well as the digital ecosystem and particular­ly ecommerce.

“The Marketing Capability Forum will look to share learnings around how you drive the data driven marketing agenda and enable a marketing culture for embracing diversity and inclusion as well as measuring the performanc­e of engaging capability building programmes.”

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