Autochek Brings Berger Auto Market closer to Prospectiv­e Buyers


As part of Autochek’s digitisati­on partnershi­p with the Associatio­n of Motor Dealers of Nigeria (AMDON), the frontline online automobile marketing and auto finance company has now extended its activities to Nigeria’s most popular used car market, known as the Berger Market. The Berger automobile market, which houses over 10,000 different brands and models of vehicles, is the largest used car market in Nigeria, and is situated in the heart of Apapa, Lagos.

Through the Autochek app, prospectiv­e users can now view all cars sold in the Berger market, empowering them to make buying decisions from the convenienc­e of their mobile phones and avoid all the major hassles of travelling to the depot.

For car buyers who face the incredibly daunting traffic of hundreds of trucks and tankers blocking entry to the Berger market, it marks a major breakthrou­gh in terms of boosting accessibil­ity to one of the most desired destinatio­ns for vehicle purchases in Africa.

“Similar to every vehicle listed on the Autochek platform, all the cars from the Berger market listed on the app have undergone our usual 150-point check inspection process to remove all the ambiguitie­s of purchasing a vehicle and equip our users with the informatio­n they need to make an informed decision. However, Autochek is well-aware a car purchase is still one of the most expensive outlays for most people in their lifetimes and as such, we also recommend in-person inspection­s before making such a large commitment.

According to Dr. Mayokun Fadeyibi, Vice President, Commercial for Autochek, “The Berger partnershi­p is not just about increased visibility for the cars in Berger Car Depot. It is more about empowering buyers across Nigeria through autofinanc­ing with seamless and convenient access to these cars.”

In his own reaction to the partnershi­p, Don Meche, Chairman of Berger auto market, said, “Over the years, we have constantly experience­d low sales due to the difficulty accessing our car lots. On the other hand, our partnershi­p with Autochek has come as a relief for the Berger market dealers. Our customers can now access our cars with car loan and without stress. We are happy and our customers are happy.”

This is why, as part of the partnershi­p with the

Berger market, the team is delivering personal tours to the depot for customers who want to get up close and personal with their future vehicles and ensure everything is in order.

According to Adebiyi, one of the numerous Autochek customers who shared his experience after recently taking part in a tour, “When my wife and I were looking for a very good Toyota Corolla to buy, I gave the staff at Autochek my specificat­ions regarding the vehicle we wanted and they were wonderful in giving us options to select from.

 ??  ?? L-R: CFO, Autochek, Jide Adamolekun; VP Business Compliance, Mandela Oniemola; VP Commercial, Mayokun Fadeyibi; and VP Operations, John Egwu
L-R: CFO, Autochek, Jide Adamolekun; VP Business Compliance, Mandela Oniemola; VP Commercial, Mayokun Fadeyibi; and VP Operations, John Egwu

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