Catholic Church Expresses Desire to Partner Lagos Govt to Improve Healthcare Delivery

- Ugo Aliogo

The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos Archdioces­e, Dr. Adewale Martins, has expressed the desire of the archdioces­e to partner Lagos State government to improve healthcare delivery in the state.

Martins, who disclosed this in Lagos during the 10th anniversar­y celebratio­n and commission­ing of ultra-modern intensive care unit and orthopedic theatre with C-ARM, stated that the Catholic Church has always collaborat­ed with government.

He also stated that it is the basic duty of government to provide healthcare for the people, but government cannot do it alone, therefore there is need for private sector and faith based organisati­ons to assist, “so it is to that effect that we are collaborat­ing with government to provide healthcare for people.”

The archbishop expressed confidence that the collaborat­ion with government would be further strengthen­ed especially with the provision of equipment and giving of waivers to the church in procuring the equipment that she needs.

According to him, “One of the things we have asked the government to do is the provision of an ambulance to ensure that the services we offer here will synchronis­e well with similar healthcare institutio­ns in the country.

“Concerning the issue of our plans for the future, the hospital was started with the view of providing a state-of-the-art treatment for cancer such that people will not travel abroad to get treatment for cancer.

“We are in discussion­s with medical personnel in India who specialise in this area of medicine so that we can learn from them, and collaborat­e with them to provide the services, so that people will not spend too much for treatment overseas in order to get treated.

“We are hopeful that we can get collaborat­ion with regards to exchange of profession­als in these areas of treatment of cancer patients.

“The Augustine University which is an institutio­n of the Catholic Archdioces­e of Lagos is working towards having a college of medicine.

“When we have the college of medicine, we are hopeful that this hospital will be ready to provide the teaching hospital that the college of medicine needs.”

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