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Fashion Tips for that house party


Firstly you know weìre not trying to waste a hot outfit for a dry house party right? Simple is honestly everything for this type of occasion Checkout the images above for some inspiratio­n! - The 1st image styles are handy if a crush is attending. - The 2nd image style tips are suitable for hanging out with friends. Now now now… those 6 inch heels you are thinking about wearing, place them right back. Consider a kitten heel or a wedge as we may not be guaranteed seats. We can never appear to look like we actually tried to dress up. Effortless, effortless, effortless that's our goal. This dressing up but dressing down process takes the longest amount of time, funny enough, but remember if you are comfortabl­e in the outfit you are on the right track. To remain fashionabl­e is to stay classy so stay safe and aware, ask the host about mixes in drinks and even in the food! For personal questions hit us up on Instagram @doobyiyanu - Stay Fabulous

Lead clothing designer Iyanu Akinremi. Who founded her company Doo By Iyanu with a step of courage. Resigning from the comfort of a full-time job in the U.K she enrolled into a fashion course, as the first steps taken towards her dream and journey. As excellence is the aim, understand­ing the craft of creating clothing was a must for her. Finishing sewing lessons, she then took to a seamstress workshop. Learning first hand what it takes to work in the fashion industry. Currently she offers a fashion designing services, is currently building a team and will be releasing a ready to wear clothing line soon. Stay tuned!

Hi there! It's Kinni Obong from Nailedbyki­nni. And today, I'm going to help guide you around the world of chrome nails.

The coolest nail polish trend is happening right now. It's all over the internet, instagram and everyone seem to be wearing it. And if you're not already obsessed with chrome nails, you're about to be.

I know chrome nails are not anything new. As a matter of fact chrome nails have been around for a long time now. What is new and what everyone is talking about is the "chrome powder". It's definitely more chrome than you will get out of a nail polish or regular foil. Chrome nail polish just look really silver and they don't have that reflected mirror effect that this powder gives. How do you achieve this effect?


1. Apply whatever colour gel polish to the nails as a base colour. Cure in a UV lamp for 2 minutes or 1 minute in LED lamp. Do two coats if necessary.

2. Apply the chrome powder using an eye shadow applicator that comes in an eye shadow palette.

3. Scrub in the chrome powder on the nails until you achieve the mirror effect.

4. Apply a gel topcoat and cure.

It does look really cool. Getting a chrome manicure will cost you between 4000-8000 naira depending on where you decide to get it done.

This crazy mirror powder create nails you can literally check your reflection in.

Call your nail technician and book an appointmen­t today. www.kinniobong.wordpress.com

Instagram @nailedbyki­nni

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