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Little And Simple, Yet, Beautiful And Happy By Adebisi Legend

- By Adebisi Legend

Irecently read a story about a woman's grandmothe­r who lost her husband after 50years of marriage. "Grandma and Grandpa were very close and shared so much connection that when grandpa died, grandma lost the excitement for life, retreated from the world and went into an extended mourning for 5 years", She said.

During these sad years, the woman visited her grandmothe­r frequently. On one of such visits, she found her grandmothe­r beaming and when she didn't ask why she was so happy, grandmothe­r decided to speak up. She had found a new meaning to life. She realized that her husband died before her because God wanted to teach her a golden life lesson. Her late husband knew love, shared it with not only his wife but with everyone else around him. Grandmothe­r on the other hand knew about love but hadn't fully lived and expressed it to others. So realizing that there was no living or lesson learned after you die, she made up her mind to live the rest of her days in love. For the next 12 years, her days lit up with renewal and she became a light for others. Grandmothe­r at 95 years, found a purpose worth living for. The lesson I learned from this story was that purpose could come to you anytime, and it can be as simple as living your days in love.

Everyone is looking for meaning to their life. We're constantly searching for that big thing that will make our names famous, make us wealthy and of course, make us happy. We're surrounded by people who seem to be better than we are doing. They seem to have better lives- a great job, nice car, marriage, children, businesses, nice wardrobe, beautiful hair... and we begin to measure our own life's success against these things. m one's self, our immediate environmen­t and


We seem to have told ourselves that if what we're doing is not huge, or our names are not viral on social media and we don't get likes and praise comments then we have failed.

We seem to have told ourselves that if we don't have a husband, that social media kind of wedding and family, we will never be happy. We then forget that happiness is gratitude and contentmen­t; that each one was made unique with a separate individual life's purpose which doesn't have to be, "saving the entire world". We forget that saving the world actually begins fro If we would settle down, work on ourselves more, not compare our lives with others and find happiness within, we would not expose ourselves to the hurt that we do. The toxic relationsh­ips, the abuse, the disrespect to our bodies because we have been promised a good life. We would find that we are complete within ourselves and that what anyone gives to us regardless of who they are, is only an addition. We would find that there are no requiremen­ts to measure success. little thing you have the capacity to do is big enough.

Dear friend, live your life and live it beautifull­y. Give it your best but don't lose yourself. What you're doing is finding yourself not losing it. Give focus to what you can do now no matter how little. Praise yourself for that which you have done today, because then you have equipped yourself to do better tomorrow.

Pursue purpose but not because everyone is doing it. There's no small impact – that one life you have touched can touch a thousand more lives. Is there's something in your heart you want to do? Run with it and see where that takes you.

Most times, we are waiting for the big ideas and forget that this little thing you have the capacity to do is big enough. I believe our lives will be happier and more hopeful for a brighter future when we live in the present, appreciati­ng and making the best of each new moment and not try to live up to the standards set by other people. Truth is we really can never measure up to that fruitless search that deprives us of the happiness we are capable of living in.

So live life. And live it beautifull­y. Walk with your head up and with a smile on your face. Be conscious of the present moment and do that little thing you can do now while bearing in mind that nothing is that little after all.

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