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“What we are ad­vo­cat­ing is to [pro­tect] the pri­vacy of a woman com­ing to de­liver,” says Wa­makko.

“Most women, be­cause of that, run away from com­ing to hospi­tal. Imag­ine some­one shav­ing your pu­bic hair, with you lay­ing there, your legs wide open.”

The train­ing is sup­ported with fund­ing from Aus­tralian Aid, which also sup­ports do­na­tion of delivery beds, delivery kits, sonic aid and bed screens to five FCT health fa­cil­i­ties.

Wam­mako said the num­ber of women com­ing for fa­cil­ity-based delivery has in­creased since health work­ers stopped pu­bic shav­ing as a prac­tice.

So what’s the big deal about pre-delivery pu­bic shav­ing?

Health­work­ers have been wor­ried some women leave their pu­bic bushy.

“For some pro­ce­dures, it is not good be­cause some of the bac­te­ria and fungi that at­tack the vagi­nal area hide and grow un­der the roots of the [pu­bic] hair,” says Wa­makko.

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