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Some­times I miss the days when the TV was the only screen you watched’ Tahir said, tow­er­ing over me with a frown on his face.

‘But why?’ I asked, rais­ing my face to him from where I sat in the par­lour.

‘Be­cause when you had only the TV for a dis­trac­tion, at least your ears were free to hear my voice. But now that you have your small phone screen, and those What­sApp videos keep com­ing your way, you hear no one and see no one un­less they are right be­fore you.’ He com­plained.

‘Oh I’m sorry Hubby dear­est, but it isn’t al­ways like that. I mean this video is par­tic­u­larly dis­turb­ing, that’s why it com­manded my whole at­ten­tion. But at all other times my phone doesn’t stop me from hear­ing you.’ I coun­tered.

‘And when is a video you re­ceived not “par­tic­u­larly dis­turb­ing”? I’ve heard you say that so many times, it doesn’t con­vince me any­more. I be­lieve that’s the ex­cuse you use when­ever a what­sapp clip ar­rests your at­ten­tion.’ He in­sisted, walk­ing over to sit op­po­site me.

‘Be­lieve me it’s not an ex­cuse this time. Just look’ I of­fered, ris­ing from my chair to sit next to him ‘it is a pro­mo­tional footage fea­tur­ing in­ter­views with some of the for­eign women, who were in Saudi Ara­bia for the first ever fash­ion show in the King­dom. Look at them hav­ing their make up done while dis­cussing the up­com­ing event.’ I urged, hand­ing the phone to him. He took it from me and watched for a few sec­onds then he handed it back and said:

‘This re­ally is a cause for con­cern. How far will the Crown Prince go?’

‘I won­der too. I mean, as if it wasn’t bad enough that he hosted that neo-gam­bling cham­pi­onship and the pre­miere of the film Black Pan­ther; thereby re-in­tro­duc­ing cinema the­atres in the holy King­dom, must he now ar­range for vir­tu­ally naked women to stage a cat­walk and com­plete the des­e­cra­tion of the King­dom?’ I won­dered aloud.

‘He calls it re­form and his ad­mir­ers in the Western World call him a re­former but what is ob­vi­ous is that the Crown Prince is hell bent on de­mys­ti­fy­ing the Holy Land. He wants it to be­come like any other place on earth, com­plete with all the deca­dence and im­moral­ity that char­ac­terises mod­ern so­ci­eties.’ Tahir ob­served un­hap­pily.

‘But isn’t it ironic for re­forms to be­gin with open­ing the gate­way to im­moral­ity?’ I queried.

‘To some peo­ple there are pos­i­tive as­pects to Muham­mad bin Sal­man’s re­forms be­cause now women can drive and they do not have to wear black abayas on top of their cloth­ing all the time. Which means women have the freedom to choose what colour they wish to wear.’ He re­sponded.

‘Maybe, but don’t you know that even that is an eco­nomic break through for those eg­ging him on? All that de­vel­oped na­tions want are more mar­kets for their luxury goods. Imag­ine how much more profit for will go to them when women of the oil rich king­dom de­velop ap­petites for beau­ti­ful cars and de­signer wear? That’s re­ally all they are af­ter, but the fool­ish prince thinks he is tak­ing the king­dom into a mod­ern and glob­al­ized world; to the detri­ment of Is­lamic val­ues.’’

‘That’s the un­for­tu­nate part re­ally. He has no idea how much

harm he is do­ing to it’s Is­lamic im­age or maybe he knows and doesn’t care. Imag­ine plan­ning all those holiday re­sorts in Jed­dah across the Red Sea and in Riyadh, os­ten­si­bly be­cause he wants to at­tract for­eign in­vest­ment but in ac­tual fact to bring de­prav­ity and he­do­nism to the doorstep of his Arab kin, so they do not need to go far and pay more to get it. No won­der he made sure he ar­rested nu­mer­ous roy­als and count­less schol­ars in or­der to pre­vent any op­po­si­tion to his plans. He clearly in­tends to di­vorce the King­dom of it’s hon­our and pres­tige as the birth­place of Is­lam. How sad.’ Tahir lamented.

‘And you know what he said when he ar­rested his royal un­cles and cousins, he said they were cor­rupt and had spent decades steal­ing from the king­dom. He even forced some of them to pay mil­lions of dol­lars in ex­change for their freedom. Yet what did we hear about him? He has gone to the US to buy 500 mil­lion dol­lar yacht and a 300 mil­lion dol­lar house there.

Ac­cord­ing to Bernie San­ders, the for­mer Amer­i­can pres­i­den­tial as­pi­rant, who spoke af­ter MBS’s re­cent visit to US, the Saudi Crown re­cently bought a 500 mil­lion dol­lar yatch in the US be­cause he thought ‘it looked nice’. And he also owns a 300 mil­lion dol­lar house, re­puted to be the most ex­pen­sive house in the world. So how can such an os­ten­ta­tious, ex­trav­a­gant per­son say he is fight­ing cor­rup­tion by jail­ing cor­rupt peo­ple in Saudi? One can only af­ford such pur­chases with ill-got­ten wealth. Any wealth law­fully ac­quired will not be wasted on such ob­scene luxury.’ I con­cluded. ‘And this is the man who wants to be the leader of the Is­lamic world some­day. I mean whether we like it or not the man who rules Saudi, in­di­rectly rules the Mus­lim world be­cause of their cus­to­di­an­ship of our two Holy Mosques, the Hara­main.’ Tahir ob­served.

‘By the grace of Al­lah, he will never be the Cus­to­dian of the Hara­main. We will do all we can to stop him, in sha Al­lah.’ I re­sponded, heat­edly.

‘And what can you do dear Bint? For one, you are a Nige­rian, an or­di­nary Nige­rian too, not even the Na­tion’s pres­i­dent. In Saudi, you are equally a no­body. So how can you stop MBS’s march to Saudi king­ship?’ He asked, smil­ing.

‘Sim­ple: by pray­ing to Almighty Al­lah against him. I can mo­bilise the 1.5 bil­lion Mus­lims in the world to­day to all pray for his down­fall and we all will be­cause we can see the harm this cor­rupt, in­sin­cere, dou­ble-faced Mus­lim poses to the land of the Hara­main. In these days of so­cial me­dia, I can call for a global tab­bat yadaa cam­paign and will be heeded, in sha Al­lah.’ I de­clared.

‘A global tab­bat yadaa cam­paign? How?’ He asked.

‘Well, I’ll send a mes­sage urg­ing all Mus­lims around the world to read Su­ratul Masad, chap­ter 111 of the Holy Qur’an, bet­ter known as ‘tab­bat yadaa abi la­hab’ seven times and sup­pli­cate to Al­lah to end this man’s am­bi­tion. This way he will nei­ther get the crown nor will he get the chance to con­tinue his evil plans against the king­dom, in sha Al­lah.’ I dis­closed.

‘You are right Bint, only a pow­er­ful prayer can stop him. You can count me in as part of this cam­paign. In­deed, I will gladly for­ward the mes­sage to my con­tacts too, as soon as you com­pose it.’ He pledged, pat­ting my hand.

‘Thanks a lot Hubby dear­est, I know I can count on you.’ I replied, smil­ing

back at him.

And this is the man who wants to be the leader of the Is­lamic world some­day. I mean whether we like it or not the man who rules Saudi, in­di­rectly rules the Mus­lim world be­cause of their cus­to­di­an­ship of our two Holy Mosques

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