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‘What it’s like be­ing Ra­hama Sadau’s brother’

Haruna Ibrahim Sadau is a brother of fa­mous Kan­ny­wood ac­tress, Ra­hama Sadau. In this interview, he talks about grow­ing up with his sis­ter, what they have in com­mon, things he learned from her, and more. Ex­cerpts:

- Bashir Li­man, Jos

Daily Trust: How would you de­scribe your sis­ter, Ra­hama Sadau?

Ra­hama Sadau: She is an easy-go­ing per­son, but some­one not close to her may eas­ily miss this. She likes crack­ing jokes, but at the same time eas­ily gets an­gry. She’s also jovial, a cheer­ful giver who is car­ing and lov­ing. She’s also very de­ter­mined and re­silient. She never gives up when she sets out to achieve some­thing and isn’t eas­ily af­fected by crit­i­cism.

DT: What fond me­mories do you have about your child­hood?

Haruna: When we were grow­ing up, my sis­ter loved to study. She also en­joyed watch­ing In­dian films. Ev­ery time there was one show­ing, she was al­ways in front of the television watch­ing keenly and at­ten­tively.

I re­mem­ber when we were very young, we used to dance and sing In­dian songs. She would dance with one leg up and the other down while she shook her body like rub­ber. I think she de­vel­oped the in­ter­est to be­come an ac­tress as a re­sult of watch­ing In­dian films.

How­ever, de­spite her pas­sion for watch­ing films, she didn’t joke with her stud­ies. She was al­ways the first to get pre­pared for school and usu­ally waited for me to get ready.

DT: What eas­ily gets her an­gry and how does she re­act?

Haruna: This hap­pens when some­body dis­ap­points her or re­neges on a prom­ise made to her. She dis­likes be­ing lied to or liv­ing a fake life. My sis­ter gets eas­ily an­noyed and just as quickly, calms down within a blink of an eye. When she is fu­ri­ous or an­gry she would just start cry­ing.

DT: What was your re­ac­tion when she in­formed you about her de­ci­sion to join Kan­ny­wood?

Haruna: Even be­fore she be­came an ac­tress ev­ery­body in the fam­ily knew her dream to be one, and when she later told us that she wanted to act, I was the first to lend my sup­port. I can re­mem­ber I was the first per­son she told about her meet­ing with Ali Nuhu and I was happy for her. I helped her to strate­gize on how to let my fam­ily know about her in­ten­tion. I was in the fore­front in help­ing her

De­spite her pas­sion for watch­ing films, she didn’t joke with her stud­ies. She was al­ways the first to get pre­pared for school

con­vince our par­ents to let her pur­sue her dream.

DT: What usu­ally makes her happy?

Haruna: What makes her happy is if she is with you and says she likes or wants a par­tic­u­lar thing and with­out let­ting her know, you get it for her. Such an act of­ten makes her day.

DT: What is her favourite food?

Haruna: Her favourite food is Tu­won Shinkafa and Kuka Soup. Any time we are to eat it, you will find her in the kitchen mon­i­tor­ing the cook­ing of the food. She re­mains rest­less till she eats it. If she hap­pens to be out when the meal is made, on her re­turn she would dance hap­pily.

DT: What is she like when happy or sad?

Haruna: When happy she smiles a lot and gives out gifts. Some­times she would be jump­ing up and down. But when she is sad it’s eas­ily vis­i­ble on her face.

DT: What would you say are

those things you have learnt from her?

Haruna: She taught me how to treat peo­ple nicely and equally. From her I learned how to re­spect peo­ple, ir­re­spec­tive of their age, whether young or old. I also learned to tell the truth and how to keep prom­ises. DT: How does she re­lax?

Haruna: She likes lis­ten­ing to mu­sic, watch­ing films and some­times fid­dling with her phone.

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 ??  ?? Haruna and his sis­ter, Ra­hama
Haruna and his sis­ter, Ra­hama

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