Stressed sur­geons make 66% more mis­takes

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bleed­ing only.

“Even in nor­mal surg­eries, you are go­ing to have that. That should not alarm any­body. At the end of the day, the surgery went well. That’s what’s im­por­tant,” said Ahidjo.

Grantcharov has high hopes. “Many ma­chines have alarms that go off pe­ri­od­i­cally, equip­ment mal­func­tions, side con­ver­sa­tions take place, peo­ple walk in and out of the OR - I could go on. My hope is that other re­searchers will build upon our work to make fur­ther strides in learn­ing about the causes of stress on sur­gi­cal per­son­nel. If our study helps make the OR a safer place for pa­tients, I’d be thrilled.”


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