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Twenty-four years ago, the fam­ily of Malam Lawal Ya­haya was thrown into cel­e­bra­tion when Fadila was born, lit­tle did they know that their hap­pi­ness would be cut short as Fadila was car­ry­ing the sickle cell anaemia.

Since her birth, Fadila has been hav­ing one cri­sis or the other which pre­vented her from con­tin­u­ing with her stud­ies after grad­u­at­ing seven years ago from Gov­ern­ment Day Sec­ondary School (GDSS), Ri­gachukun.

Fadila, who is cur­rently re­ceiv­ing par­tial treat­ment at a pri­vate hos­pi­tal in Kaduna, has com­pli­ca­tions from what is known med­i­cally as avas­cu­lar necro­sis of the head of the fe­mur and the com­pli­ca­tions ne­ces­si­tate to­tal hip re­place­ment surgery which will cost about N3m.

Apart from the hip com­pli­ca­tion, Fadila is hav­ing prob­lems with her bone mar­row, liver, spleen and eyes as a re­sult which her blood level gets low which re­quires trans­fu­sion reg­u­larly.

Malam Ya­haya told Daily Trust Satur­day that when his daugh­ter was brought to the hos­pi­tal, her blood level was 18 when it was sup­posed to be a max­i­mum of 26, and added that, “The hos­pi­tal had to do a trans­fu­sion to bring up the level; it’s like her blood is evap­o­rat­ing.”

Our cor­re­spon­dent who vis­ited Fadila at the pri­vate hos­pi­tal ob­served that there is a bulge in her along her spinal cord, her hip bone is pro­trud­ing and her eyes are as yel­low.

Nar­rat­ing the fam­ily’s or­deal, Malam Ya­haya, who is a civil ser­vant, said he had ex­hausted all his sav­ings in treat­ing his daugh­ter who he said could not do any­thing by her­self.

He said, “I have six chil­dren, three of who have the sickle cell anaemia. I got mar­ried in 1986, and at that time, there was not much aware­ness on geno­type be­fore mar­riage. My first three chil­dren are car­ri­ers, and to God be the glory; the first two have been stable for some time now.

“Fadila’s case is, how­ever, dif­fer­ent. It has been one prob­lem or the other. Since she was born, we have been bat­tling with the sick­ness even though it was not as bad as it is now. We are al­ways in one hos­pi­tal or the or­der.

“The re­cent cri­sis started in Au­gust, 2017. She spent 10 days in a pri­vate hos­pi­tal be­fore she was trans­ferred to the Ah­madu Bello Uni­ver­sity Teach­ing Hos­pi­tal (ABUTH), Zaria, where she was op­er­ated on in both her knees.

“After the surgery, she was in se­vere pain and was un­able to walk and as a re­sult she de­vel­oped a wound in her hip which has now af­fected her spinal cord. She is in so much pain and the pain killers are not work­ing for her any­more.”

He added that, “I do not have the means to con­tinue with her treat­ment be­cause there are some parts that need to be im­ported for the surgery and other re­quire­ment run­ning into mil­lions of naira. That is why I am ap­peal­ing to Non-Gov­ern­men­tal Or­gan­i­sa­tions (NGOs), as well as well-mean­ing Nige­rian’s to come to the aide of my daugh­ter.”

He prayed God to heal his daugh­ter so that she could go back to her nor­mal life be­cause her ju­niors had gone ahead of her in terms of school and other ne­ces­si­ties of life.

Shehu K. Goro

Fadila’s fa­ther show­ing her legs, which were op­er­ated on.

Fadila’s bulging hip bone and spinal cord, which are caus­ing her a lot of pain.

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