In Bauchi, lessons in po­lit­i­cal ma­tu­rity

Weekly Trust - - Views - U.I Sade Sade wrote in from Kaduna.

As mor­tals op­er­at­ing within the broad pa­ram­e­ters set out by prov­i­dence, things can never work as en­vi­sioned but we must per­se­vere through abuse and even in­jury in bring­ing san­ity to our sys­temic rot by help­ing and ral­ly­ing around Gov­er­nor M.A Abubakar of Bauchi State, to clean the Augean stable. It is an in­dis­putable fact that an in­ter­nal sat­is­fac­tion of a good con­science is al­ways a stim­u­lant in great­ness to bend a his­tory for a com­mon cause.

The re­cent wind of de­fec­tion in Bauchi State had vin­di­cated Gov­er­nor Abubakar, prov­ing that the whole world is noth­ing but a chron­i­cle of events spear­headed by men of ex­tra­or­di­nary com­mit­ment, re­gard­less of any in­ter­est that will pro­vide a greater hap­pi­ness for a greater num­ber. The great writer Myles Mon­roe once said: “The great­est tragedy of life is not death, but to live with­out a rea­son and to die with­out a cause”. Gov­er­nor Abubakar through his all in­clu­sive pol­icy of value had al­ready im­printed his name as a man of hon­our, tol­er­ance and au­dac­ity to nav­i­gate through the murky waters of pol­i­tics.

At a time of in­tense po­lit­i­cal de­ba­cle after the party’s pri­mary elec­tion, he re­mained firm and res­o­lute ab­sorb­ing pres­sure like the prover­bial rock of Gi­bral­tar. From his words, “I sleep sound with a clean heart be­cause I al­ways take so­lace in di­vine de­crees of the Om­nipo­tent and Om­nipresent Al­lah.” He once told me that we should not worry too much about the fu­ture, and try to fo­cus our wishes on the short term hav­ing faith that what­ever is de­creed for us will def­i­nitely reach us.

One among the many lessons I learnt from Makama Babba is his ar­dent be­lief in destiny while ap­pre­ci­at­ing every bless­ing Al­lah has pro­vided.

To­day, the real and true lovers of Bauchi State have sheathed their swords, and are about to as­sist in chart­ing out a new road map for the con­tin­u­ous so­cio-eco­nomic de­vel­op­ment of our dear state, while the cap­tain, our gov­er­nor, con­tin­ues to bring suc­cour to the good peo­ple of the state.

The gov­er­nor had al­ready ex­tended hands of in­vi­ta­tion and friend­ship to all true lovers of Bauchi State re­gard­less of party, re­li­gious, and tribal in­cli­na­tion, to come and help him build the land of our dreams, and bring it to re­al­ity. His­tory, as the fi­nal judge of our deeds, will vin­di­cate the right­eous and the faith­ful. We should face re­al­ity and our past mis­takes in an hon­est way, ab­hor re­silience to rise in the face of fail­ure and forge ahead to the cha­grin of those who de­test it.

For the short­est av­enue to live with hon­our in the world, is to be in re­al­ity what we should ap­pear to be; all hu­man virtues in­crease and strengthen them­selves by the prac­ti­cal ex­pe­ri­ence in hu­mil­ity and hard work. For Gov­er­nor Abubakar, Bauchi will con­tinue to be his agenda and the cen­tre­piece of his po­lit­i­cal strug­gle and work, be­cause the har­vest of his en­vi­able projects pro­vide a sprawl­ing land­scape, which could only be achieved by one with as much po­lit­i­cal ma­tu­rity as he. In the end, apart from hard work, hon­esty, and the in­ter­est of his peo­ple at heart, one’s hon­our and in­tegrity are two of the main things that will stand him apart from any kind of crowd.

I will stop on the note of a prayer, that Al­lah con­tin­ues to bless us with lead­ers that have an over­whelm­ing courage in the midst of ad­ver­si­ties, lead­ers that can­not ab­scond from their du­ties.

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