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who sees the af­fairs of this life with the eyes of wis­dom more than with the eyes of body and age.’

Yusuf bin Hu­sain nar­rates: “One day while [the great Sufi] Zun-Nun Misri and I where strolling to­gether along a river, I spot­ted a large scor­pion creep­ing up on the bank. All of a sud­den, a large frog came to the sur­face of the river and the scor­pion hopped onto its back. As the frog swam along with the scor­pion, I said to Zun-Nun Misri: ‘There must be some rea­son for this. The scor­pion must have a pur­pose. Let’s see where it goes and what it does.’ We crossed the river and fol­lowed the scor­pion. As we moved along, we saw a man ly­ing in­tox­i­cated and un­con­scious. A snake was creep­ing up on the side of his belly up to his chest, to­wards his ear. As we watched, the scor­pion reached the snake, stung and killed it. Then the scor­pion re­turned to the bank of the river and waited. Again, the same frog swam up. The scor­pion hopped onto its back and crossed over to the other side of the river. Zun-Nun shook the man ly­ing on the ground and woke him up. When he opened his eyes, he said to him: ‘Look how Al­lah saved you from be­ing killed by this snake!’ Then he said the fol­low­ing [lines of po­etry]: ‘O ig­no­rant man, see how the Glo­ri­ous guards you against ev­ery evil creep­ing in the dark­ness/How do you sleep, care­less of the King/Who be­stows on you so many bless­ings.’ The in­tox­i­cated man sprang up in sur­prise and said: ‘O my God! If this is how You treat the dis­obe­di­ent, how kind then will You be to the one who obeys You!’ As the young man started to go, I asked him: ‘Where are you going?’ He replied: ‘To go obey God!’”

May Al­lah be kind to us.

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