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Lamb shanks is a very pop­u­lar, widely en­joyed dish which can be cooked in myr­iad of ways and served with dif­fer­ent side dishes. They can be suited to any palate based on spici­ness, sauce base, and ten­der­ness.


1 tea­spoon but­ter

1 big pod of gar­lic cut in very fine pieces Rose­mary dried 1 ta­ble­spoon + fresh sprigs 1 sprig thyme

1 tea­spoon sage

Salt and pep­per to taste

4 lamb shanks

3 ta­ble­spoons olive oil

2 small onions cut finely

2 small car­rots cut or chopped in big pieces 8 mush­rooms chopped

2 big toma­toes cut in pieces or pureed 1/4 cup bal­samic vine­gar or red vine­gar 3 cups chicken or mut­ton broth


Mix but­ter with chopped gar­lic, rose­mary, thyme, sage, salt, and pep­per. Put long cuts on the shanks to mar­i­nate. Rub the but­ter mix nicely on lamb shanks. Leave for half an hour to an hour for mar­i­na­tion. Take a non-stick pan and put olive oil in it. Put the shanks in the pan and brown them on all sides. It will ap­prox­i­mately take 10 min­utes to do this. The shanks should look lovely brown by now. Take the shanks out in a plate. Some oil, gar­lic, and spices will be left in the pan. In the same pan add some more gar­lic, onions and sauté them brown. Add the car­rots and fry them a bit. Also add the mush­rooms. Now add the pureed toma­toes and sauté. Add the vine­gar and stir for a few min­utes, add chicken broth. Bring the mix­ture to a boil for five min­utes and close the gas.

For oven recipe

Ar­range the shanks in bak­ing dish and pour the boil­ing liq­uid on them. Cover the bak­ing dish with foil and leave it in the oven for 3 hours at 200 de­gree centi­grade. Switch the oven off and let the shanks rest in the bak­ing tray for half an hour. Soft and suc­cu­lent shanks are ready to be served.

In­dian way

Take a big pres­sure cooker. Big enough to set­tle all the shanks in it. Put the lamb shanks in. Pour the liq­uid from the pan along with car­rots in the cooker. Sim­mer on low heat for five min­utes. Then pres­sure cook for half an hour on medium flame. Close the gas and leave lamb in the cooker. Take a deep pan and sauté some mush­rooms in but­ter. Then add all the con­tents from the cooker into the pan. Sim­mer for a few min­utes till oil comes on top. Lamb shanks take long time to cook so make sure you cook it just enough. In­case the sauce /curry has a thin con­sis­tency re­move it from the pan and re­duce it in a dif­fer­ent pan and add it when you serve the lamb shanks. Serve it with sautéd veg­eta­bles of your choice and baked pota­toes.

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