While the world sees the side you choose to show them, a best friend loves the side you don’t. To all those who thrive on the true joy of hav­ing that one close buddy, here are 10 things you can to­tally re­late to. Go on, give your buddy a high five!

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A best friend loves the side you don’t show the world. Re­joice that spe­cial bond­ing that you share with your best buddy.

Your scores in mid school

Sure, it’s funny now. But way back, when school was your ev­ery­day bat­tle­ground, there was no way you could pos­si­bly take those hor­ri­fy­ing grades back home with­out a re­ally good jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for your mis­er­able fail­ure. When all seemed bleak, only the best friend could be turned to for com­fort. Though chances are your buddy’s ex­cuses didn’t spare you from get­ting grounded, at least you mus­tered up the courage to tell your folks with­out con­sid­er­ing flee­ing to the woods.

That ghastly plot against the sib­ling

We’ve all had that one brainy cousin we de­test but ev­ery­one else seems to be in com­plete awe of; or that younger sib­ling who keeps get­ting away with ev­ery­thing (but you, on the other hand, are sup­posed to be­have like a re­spon­si­ble adult). If some­one ever had to be taught a les­son the hard way, your best buddy has al­ways been your pri­mary side­kick. (We do hope there were no ugly ends though.)

The truth be­hind your mil­lion dol­lar speeches

Oh yes, you have been such a smooth talker. Ev­ery­one thinks it just comes to you nat­u­rally. But it’s the best friend who’s heard your rou­tine in­fi­nite num­ber of times (they prob­a­bly know ev­ery word by heart), calmed you down in the event of a last­minute panic at­tack in the bath­room, and given you the pep talk of be­ing ‘awe­some’ a zil­lion times over. How­ever, best friends can also fore­see how much of those state­ments you are ac­tu­ally plan­ning to hon­our. They know the whole truth be­hind your ‘half lies’; but hey, best friends don’t judge!

Things you are con­scious about

Like speak­ing a for­eign lan­guage, singing a duet at karaoke nights and even some­thing as triv­ial as wear­ing a red skirt or say­ing the word ‘Mis­sis­sippi’ – you can al­ways count on your buddy to ease the dis­com­fort. As you main­tain your calm com­po­sure on the out­side, your buddy knows ex­actly how the but­ter­flies in the stom­ach have a bat­tle of flut­ters.

Your real colour

It could be your hair, your eyes or even your soul — the best friend knows the true you. And no mat­ter how dark it might be (no pun in­tended) they’d still love you un­con­di­tion­ally. There is never a need to ex­plic­itly men­tion things to them be­cause they just know, and there is never a rea­son to hide be­cause they’re bound to find out any­way. Be­sides, you need some­one you can shame­lessly be your­self around and vent your con­fes­sions to.

The se­crets of the blood­line

How lousy a busi­ness­man your fa­mous un­cle ac­tu­ally is, how your cousin re­ally landed that schol­ar­ship, or what ex­actly hap­pens at the fam­ily hol­i­day home ev­ery sum­mer — your best friend has a com­plete low­down of ev­ery­thing (or has lived them with you as an­other un­for­tu­nate vic­tim of your fam­ily’s flip side). All those things that your fam­ily keeps un­der wraps, your best friend keeps them pri­vate too.

The minute you fell in love

Your best buddy would al­ways be the first to know. It didn’t mat­ter even if they were in the mid­dle of cre­at­ing his­tory, but not be­ing phys­i­cally present at the mo­ment Cu­pid struck you with his bow, means they would have to lis­ten to ev­ery minute de­tail of the ren­dezvous a mil­lion times over.

…and the minute you fell out of it – Your best friend in­stantly took over the role of your ad­vo­cate, con­fi­dante, and ther­a­pist; and till date solemnly main­tains the fact that it was never your fault (well, at least to the rest of the world).

The times you’ve been turned down

It takes courage to han­dle re­jec­tion and most of­ten than not, we keep it to our­selves. While you shrug off the re­jec­tions and pre­tend that ‘it’s all good’, your best friend has wit­nessed all that hap­pens be­hind closed doors.

Their ears have fallen prey to the most hor­ri­fy­ing things you would have liked to do to the op­po­nent; but with­out se­cretly clam­ber­ing out of the win­dow to es­cape this mon­strous side, they’ve sat you down and told you, ‘you’re bet­ter than that’!

How leaky you can get

We don’t mean your blad­der is­sues, though we’re pretty cer­tain the buddy knows that too; here we’re talk­ing about all those times you’ve re­ally let those tears flow. While ev­ery­one’s had those em­bar­rass­ing teary mo­ments in pub­lic, not ev­ery­one has wit­nessed how you look when you howl, wail and ugly-cry like a child. A shoul­der, a tight hug, and a gen­uine as­sur­ance that ev­ery­thing would be fine — your old buddy has seen you through your worst. They know how pa­thetic you look with a run­ning nose, red-eyes, and a twisted-face. And you’re still friends.

How much you re­ally love them

You don’t have to say it; the love goes be­yond words, con­tin­u­ous an­nounce­ments and ‘bff ’ hash­tags on so­cial me­dia. They know you love them to the moon and back, even if you are way cool to say it.

Antara Bose is a model turned fash­ion and beauty con­sul­tant. A pop­u­lar blog­ger, an­chor, and voice over artist, she main­tains a deep con­nec­tion with the lo­cal fash­ion in­dus­try and is pas­sion­ate about dis­cov­er­ing and cel­e­brat­ing as­pir­ing talent as well...

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