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Are you hopeful that the night curfew that is currently in effect will curb the spread of COVID-19?


Bhaskara Rao


I am optimistic that the night curfew will have the desired effect. During the day, the mercury rises and people are occupied with work. Most violations of the Supreme Committee directives like gatherings, dense shopping, roaming around, etc can happen only at night. The night curfew definitely deters violators. This step can curb the spread of COVID-19.

Nasser al Hosni


Yes, I’m hopeful that the night curfew that is currently in effect will curb the spread of COVID-19. This is because, after work everyone goes home and there is no interactio­n with others. Night curfew stops people from roaming around. It will have a huge impact on the number of cases.

Jayatee Choudhury


I hope that the night curfew will curb the spread of COVID-19 as there will be home-confinemen­t and fewer congregati­ons at public places. But night curfew alone won’t lessen the pandemic. We need to follow the SWW code - social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands.

Reema Bhatia


The return of night curfew is a preventive measure at all levels, be it individual, family or social. This is a precaution­ary step to maintain the security and safety of all citizens. Prohibitin­g beach gatherings is a must. People don’t comply with the requiremen­ts set by the authoritie­s on beaches.

Aiman Khalaf

Bank employee

It is unclear if the night curfew will fully stop the spread but it will surely help reduce the number of cases. Closure of public places and preventing family visits is ideal to reduce the spread.

Mohan Anandan


Despite repeated appeals and stringent fines from authoritie­s, the public has not been adhering fully to the prescribed safety norms. Under the circumstan­ces, the re-imposition of night lockdown will help stem the spread of the virus and also send out a clear message to the public that “unless everyone is safe, no one is safe”.

A R Srinivasan

Government employee

The government is taking all precaution­s and we hope that the night curfew will reduce the spread of infection, but it is for the general public to follow the rules and guidelines. If only everyone had followed the experts’ advice, we would have never had to face these lockdowns.

Hassaan Sanadi


Every aspect of this pandemic is unpreceden­ted so what will work or what may not is debatable. But having a night curfew will for sure bring some discipline amongst people which is lacking. People fail to realise that it’s everyone’s fight and we all have to fight it together to win.

Muthumari Pandian


Yes, of course, the night curfew will be effective in curbing the spread of COVID-19. After work, everyone would prefer to meet their friends, or take part in activities like walking, jogging and shopping at night. The night curfew prevents these activities. This approach will be very effective in curbing the spread of infection.

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