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Bank Muscat ACCA scholarshi­p holders excel


In line with its commitment to the continuous developmen­t of Omani human resources, Bank Muscat joined hands with Petroleum Developmen­t Oman (PDO) in 2019 to provide scholarshi­ps for 50 bachelor’s degree holders to complete the Chartered Certified Accountant course by the Associatio­n of Chartered Certified Accountant­s (ACCA). The bank has announced that the training has been progressin­g well.

The ACCA course prepares entry and mid-level profession­als to work in any aspect of finance or management. The bank’s strategic initiative is thus helping Omani youths obtain internatio­nally-recognised educationa­l qualificat­ions to achieve their true potential.

Through its training partners, ACCA and Kaplan Publishing, UK, the bank has been making all efforts to ensure that the selected candidates are able to excel in their training ahead of a successful career. A monthly stipend based on the academic performanc­e of the candidates and continuous progress is being provided to all trainees during the training programme. The bank has been greatly encouraged by the exceptiona­l results achieved by the students. In particular, Fajer al Akhzami and Zulekha al Kiyumi have made excellent progress in their studies with Fajer achieving the second highest score globally in the Taxation paper (and topping the paper regionally), while Zulekha is the joint topper from Oman in the Performanc­e Management paper.

Bank Muscat has always accorded top priority for human resources developmen­t and earmarks substantia­l funding every year for the training and developmen­t of its employees across all job functions and roles. The bank’s Jadara Academy provides a comprehens­ive platform and framework for all staff learning and developmen­t programmes. Bank Muscat has also adopted innovative strategies to equip Omani employees to take up leadership positions in tandem with future challenges.

The bank has developed a comprehens­ive Learning & Developmen­t strategy for skill and knowledge enhancemen­ts vis-àvis the requiremen­ts of its various department­s. Continuous investment­s are being made to build human capacity in an effort to derive maximum mileage out of its HR processes.

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