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If you need to travel with your pet cat, because you are moving out of town or the country and have no other option, you need to plan well in advance, especially if you plan to take your pet along on the same flight. Consider these few tips to make the journey less stressful for the cat as well as yourself: your destinatio­n, if you are moving into a new home, try and minimise your cat's stress as much as possible by keeping it confined to just one room. the day of your flight to verify. Have a cloth cover that covers the openings in the carrier so your cat cannot see what is going on around - the less they see, the less stress they will experience.

Keep your cat's health certificat­e and other documents on your person as well as one set taped to the carrier somewhere. Also, regardless of whether your cat is traveling in the cabin or in the cargo hold, withhold food the night before and the morning of the trip, to avoid unpleasant incidents en route. Cats can usually resist the need to urinate until 48 hours, but to be assured, you may add an absorbent layer to the padding on the inside of the carrier.

Wait until you arrive at your final destinatio­n before you take your cat out of the carrier. Airline travel is extremely stressful for cats - give your cat a chance to de-stress first.

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