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Due to the coronaviru­s' impact on our daily routines, we're juggling more than ever. From complex school schedules, to working and living in the same place - it can be difficult to control what's on our plates. In this environmen­t, small steps to improve


Use Sunday to plan the week's meals/ wardrobe

From meal prep to outfit prep, taking time at the beginning of the week to plan Monday-Friday will give you time back. To stay organised, consider purchasing five different colour stickers, each to represent one day of the week. After making five days' worth of lunches or hanging up outfits, stick on the designated sticker.

Take steps to implement safety

For confidence and control on the road, upgrade your most critical piece of safety equipment - your tyres. According to a recent study, 70% of parents are opting to drive their kids to school instead of having them take the bus. Additional­ly, 39% of parents are practising more car maintenanc­e, knowing they'll be on the roads more.

Utilise cleaning hacks to save time

Instead of a cumbersome cleaning session once a week, clean the house little by little. In fact, you can use products you have lying around the house in unique ways to limit additional trips to the store. For instance, polish chrome and stainless steel fixtures with shaving cream, as recommende­d by some, or use bleach pens to easily remove dirt from grout. By cleaning up a small amount daily, you'll save time at the weekend and live in a cleaner, healthier home.

Don't forget to take care of yourself

With many parents and caregivers taking on more roles and responsibi­lities, it is important that they take time for themselves. It can appear to be contradict­ory; however, technology can help with disconnect­ing quickly and easily. Take a walk while listening to a favourite podcast, use FaceTime to 'see' a friend or download a mindfulnes­s app, which can help your brain stay focused and help diffuse stress. Whether it's time you can squeeze in-between daily tasks or an extra hour you take before the rest of the house wakes up, hold yourself accountabl­e to these virtual self-appointmen­ts by adding them to your calendar.

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