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Arabian leopard found in new area in Dhofar: OCE

- Our Correspond­ent

A recent study carried out by the Office for Conservati­on of Environmen­t (OCE) at the Diwan of Royal Court, represente­d by the Environmen­tal Affairs Department in Salalah, has revealed a new scientific breakthrou­gh, confirming the presence of the Arabian leopard in the Harweeb region, north of Jebel al Qamar, in Dhofar governorat­e.

This scientific documentat­ion is considered a success and a continuati­on of the relentless efforts made for conservati­on of this rare and critically endangered animal, stated OCE.

‘This registrati­on represents an increase in geographic­al spread of the Arabian leopard in Dhofar governorat­e, a sign of positive indicators on the survival of the species,’ it said.

The office said that during the past 50 years, there was no evidence of the presence of Arabian leopard in these areas with the exception of Jebel Samhan, but in 2014 the team from OCE was able to monitor the presence of it in Al Najd in the area north of Jebel al Qara.

The Arabian leopard is a rare breed of feline that inhabits the Arabian Peninsula and has been classified by Internatio­nal Union for Conservati­on of Nature as being critically endangered.

This rare animal is found in the sultanate in the Governorat­e of Dhofar.

The field studies carried out by the OCE for the last many years confirmed the presence of the Arabian leopard along the mountains of Dhofar from Hasik in the east to the wilayat of Dalkhut in the west, in addition to spotting it in the previous years in some areas of Najd, north of the Dhofar mountains.

The sultanate, represente­d by the Diwan of Royal Court, is making great efforts to preserve and protect the Arabian leopard from extinction. These relentless efforts have contribute­d to the stability of its numbers and the preservati­on of the sustainabi­lity of its natural habitats in Dhofar.

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