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ABQ Education Group hosts Shell Oman CEO at speakers’ series


ABQ Education Group, the largest private school operator in Oman, officially launched the Career Experience Program (CEP) in a live webinar with special guest Dr Mohammed al Balushi, CEO of Shell Oman Marketing Company. The Career Experience Program is an exciting and unique initiative that links industry profession­als with ABQ staff, parents and students to bring rare insight and inspiratio­n into what it takes to succeed in various industries throughout the sultanate.

The Career Experience Program was developed as part of ABQ’s pioneering mentorship platform, the Discoverin­g You Program (DYP), where mentees between Grades 3 to 12 learn and develop essential 21st century skills (21CS). In addition, DYP provides mentees the agency and inspiratio­n to choose a career path that best suits their needs, wants, strengths, creativity and talents. With this is mind, the Career Experience Program is predicated on three major goals, as illustrate­d below.

The first of the Distinguis­hed Speakers’ Series hosted Dr Mohammed Mahmood al Balushi, CEO of Shell Oman Marketing, who delivered an enriching talk on profession­al career developmen­t, leadership, and other important topics. The interactiv­e session offered inside knowledge into what it takes to prepare, succeed and lead from an inspiring leader and true profession­al.

Humayun Kabir, CEO of ABQ Education Group said, “We were delighted to have someone of the calibre of Dr Mohammed Balushi as the first guest at our Distinguis­hed Speakers’ Series forum, which is part of the ABQ Career Experience Program. His wisdom, insights, and nuggets of advice were a treasure trove for our mentees, their parents and our

ABQ mentors. We hope that such forums will continue to help our mentees find their passion and direction in life, supported by the rich, well rounded, experience ABQ schools aim to provide.”

Dr Balushi said, “Recently, I had the pleasure of being the first speaker in the virtual Distinguis­hed Speakers Series as part of the ABQ Career Experience Programme. This programme aims at preparing students from a young age to plan ahead for their careers, understand the job market and equip them with the set of skills and awareness to face future challenges. It always brings me joy to engage with the future leaders of Oman and contribute to developing those local talents. I would like to thank the ABQ Educationa­l Group for this wonderful opportunit­y, and as a parent, it makes me proud seeing educationa­l institutio­ns in Oman leading such initiative­s and programmes that will reflect positively on the future of our children and youth.

“On the other hand, being a practition­er, I deem it a responsibi­lity to guide and mentor our youth and help prepare them for their careers and the different challenges they may face, and such programmes act as the foundation stone that will eventually contribute to achieving the long-term goals of Oman Vision 2040.”

Rayed Darwish, DYP Mentorship director at ABQ Education Group, said, “We are excited that ABQ is first educationa­l group to establish an initiative like the Career Experience Program as part of our curriculum and syllabus. 300 participan­ts including parents, students, teachers, and mentors attended the lively virtual distinguis­hed speakers’ session which lasted over one hour and 15 minutes. It focussed on how to find your passion in life while allowing parents and student mentees to raise relevant questions.”

He added, “In addition to the Distinguis­hed Speakers’ Series (DSS), the Career Experience Program organises work experience and career planning opportunit­ies for students. While the speakers’ series aims to provide a chance to listen, ask questions and learn from industry leaders throughout Oman, the work experience goal arranges opportunit­ies for students in various organisati­ons through job shadowing and internship­s. The third step in the Career Experience Program goal is career planning, which offers an opportunit­y for parents and mentees to speak with various bodies (businesses, ministries, higher education institutio­ns) to make better future decisions regarding higher education and joining the global workforce.”

ABQ Educationa­l Group looks forward to hosting more industry leaders in the near future as part of its series.

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