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Guidelines for helping abandoned pets


What you can do

When you see an abandoned or injured pet in the streets, ignoring them and walking away is not the ideal solution. It is the duty of every citizen and resident to reach out to these animals to bring them to care giving individual­s or organisati­ons, say the animal welfare outfits in Oman which are constantly seeking donations and volunteers to join in this noble task.

As of now, a large number of individual­s are providing care or foster homes to abandoned pets in their personal capacity, even taking them to veterinari­an centres and paying for their treatment and food. There are also a few registered as well as unregister­ed groups which are also providing care in a more organised fashion. These include Omani Paws, Muscat Dog Adoption, Tiger by the Tail (Sohar), The Wave Cats & Dogs owners are looking for the pet you found, ease their worries. If possible, stay until help arrives. determinin­g whether or not this pet was abandoned on purpose or accidental­ly lost. wonderful gesture but be prepared to hand over the pet to the genuine owner after publicisin­g his/her presence with you in some manner. Prepare yourself and your family for the possibilit­y of the original owner turning up and parting with the pet at some point. it is better to stay near and call the authoritie­s, so they can come and collect it. If you want to give it first aid, it is important that you know how to handle it to avoid hurting it as well as to avoid the animal hurting you in defence.

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