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A trip to retrace steps of ancestors

- Our Correspond­ent Muscat

A group of 400 people undertook an adventure walk on a 14km trail last week, in a bid to revive the tradition and lifestyle of their ancestors.

The trip, named ‘For the love of His Majesty the Sultan and the Sultanate’, was organised by Al Qadsiya Adventure and Hiking Team in Al Ain village, in the wilayat of Samail in Dakhliyah.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Salim Salman al Mahrooqi, head of the Al Qadsiya team, informed that the participan­ts of this trip came in 20 different groups from various governorat­es.

“The hike, which began at 7.30am, was a testament to the participan­ts’ commitment to health, adventure and domestic tourism,” he added.

The hike took four hours to complete, traversing from Al Ain through several areas in Samail and back to the starting point.

According to Mahrooqi, the hike was meticulous­ly planned with a detail planning of the participan­ts various activities - from studying the location and weather conditions to ensuring the safety and suitabilit­y of the number of participan­ts. This attention to detail makes for a fulfilling and safe experience for participan­ts.

“It also included several activities such as reciting poems - Aazi, which embodies the originalit­y of the past with popular songs. Participan­ts made traditiona­l painting depicting the old way of living,” said Mahrooqi.

“The idea of this trip had been executed to revive the lifestyle and practices of our forefather­s. It was in a way tracing the footsteps of our grandparen­ts.”

The participan­ts attempted to experience the struggles and sufferings that their ancestors had to face as they traversed through different terrains, drinking water from wadis, fighting adverse weather conditions in summers and winters, he said.

Al Qadsiya Adventure and Hiking Team’s annual plan includes many events to bolster domestic tourism and promote the spirit of adventure.

However, its commitment extends beyond adventure. The team engages in community activities, including clean up drives across various wilayats, demonstrat­ing its dedication to voluntaris­m, Mahrooqi pointed out.

“We urge citizens and residents to participat­e in the group’s upcoming activities which foster a collective spirit of adventure,” he added.

The participan­ts of this trip came in 20 different groups from various governorat­es. The hike was a testament to their commitment to health, adventure and domestic tourism SALIM AL MAHROOQI

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