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Sohar Industrial City receives 55 investment applicatio­ns in 2023


Sohar – Sohar Industrial City, affiliated with the Public Establishm­ent for Industrial Estates (Madayn), witnessed a surge in investment interest throughout 2023, receiving a total of 55 new investment applicatio­ns.

Out of these, 45 projects have been localised, earmarking vast areas exceeding 461,000 square meters for future developmen­t.

Abdullah bin Ahmed al Mayasi, Director General of Sohar Industrial City, said, “In 2023, the Ladain plastic industries complex inked five agreements, boosting the total investment in the complex to around Ro22mn. Presently, seven projects are underway, covering areas totaling 80,000 square meters, and employing approximat­ely 200 workers in the initial stage.”

Mayasi also affirmed that Madayn has achieved remarkable progress in completing the seventh phase developmen­t project of the city. The completion rate for this phase stands at an impressive 98.6%. Notable features of the project include a 32-kilometer road network with lighting poles, a drinking water network, a sewage network, a wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 2,000 cubic meters, a rain drainage network, a flood protection wall, an irrigation network, and two water supply tanks with a total capacity of 2,700 cubic meters.

The Masar Service Center in Sohar Industrial City serves as an investment facilitati­on hub, offering a unified system to streamline procedures for investors. The center aims to expedite the acquisitio­n of all necessary approvals, permits, and licenses for investment projects in a single station within a specified timeframe.

This initiative by Madayn seeks to establish an integrated system of services, providing investors with the necessary tools to create added value and fostering an attractive business environmen­t for investment­s in Oman.

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