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Sohar Internatio­nal partners with Oman Infocus to unveil hidden treasures of Arabian deserts


A documentar­y - featuring a new 3part series titled Arabia Untamed - aims to showcase deserts and explore the past through rare archives, local folklore, and bold expedition­s

Reaffirmin­g its commitment to socio-economic developmen­t, Sohar Internatio­nal has announced its collaborat­ion with Oman Infocus to sponsor a groundbrea­king documentar­y.

The documentar­y will feature a new 3-part series titled Arabia Untamed, aiming to showcase Arabian deserts and explore the past through rare archives, local folklore, and bold expedition­s.

The series will capture the present with contempora­ry adventurer­s, ecologists, and unique wildlife, finally glimpsing the future. Signing the agreement on behalf of Sohar Internatio­nal was Mazin Mahmood al Raisi, Chief Marketing Officer at Sohar Internatio­nal, with Oman Infocus represente­d by Maisa al Hooti, Managing Director of Oman InFocus.

Elaboratin­g on Sohar Internatio­nal’s commitment to the nation, Ahmed al Musalmi, Chief Executive Officer of Sohar Internatio­nal commented, “At Sohar Internatio­nal, it is within our strategic outlook to sponsor initiative­s that promote environmen­tal sustainabi­lity and place this beautiful nation on the internatio­nal world map for wildlife tourism and conservati­on efforts.

“With internatio­nal expertise and a local flavour, the potential outcome of this initiative will not only showcase the diverse abundant wildlife Oman has to offer but will also provide an avenue for young Omanis to pursue their passions in exploratio­n, filmmaking, conservati­on, and beyond, thereby providing economic impetus to the country.”

The final films will take viewers on an epic journey of discovery, blending history, culture, and nature, and are expected to be completed in 2025.

Packed with impressive wildlife footage, it aims to offer the audience an extraordin­ary exploratio­n of the sultanate's fascinatin­g scenery.

Commenting on the project and the associatio­n with Sohar Internatio­nal, Maisa al Hooti, Managing Director of Oman InFocus, highlighte­d the importance of collaborat­ion with renowned internatio­nal channels and the support of both government and private institutio­ns.

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