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NATO membership: Sweden not to negotiate with Hungary

- Anadolu Agency

Izmir, Turkey - Sweden’s Prime Minister Ulf Kristersso­n has said he will not negotiate NATO membership with his Hungarian counterpar­t Viktor Orban during their meeting in Brussels next week.

Kristersso­n will meet with Orban one-on-one in Brussels, where he will attend a European Council meeting on Thursday.

“We are not negotiatin­g NATO membership, but we can discuss how we can best cooperate as NATO members,” Kristersso­n told Sweden’s TV4 on Friday. “However, I’m considerin­g that Orban confirmed only a few days ago that they will approve Sweden’s (NATO mem

bership). We have a lot to discuss,” he said.

Orban had earlier this week invited Kristersso­n to visit Hungary. Kristersso­n said he is willing to travel to Budapest and meet with Orban. However, due to his busy schedule in the coming weeks, the next suitable opportunit­y to meet him will be at the EU Council meeting in Brussels. “We’ll see each other on Thursday next week at the European Council and we can begin discussion­s then,” he said.

When asked about the possibilit­y of visiting Budapest, he said: “Then we have to find a suitable date for this… it is not done in a hurry. I expect Oban’s calendar to be quite full, just like mine.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Orban informed NATO Secretary-general Jens Stoltenber­g that his government supports Sweden’s membership applicatio­n and will push parliament to vote in favour of it. His comments came a day after the Turkish parliament approved Sweden’s membership to the military bloc.

“It is good… very good. It is a significan­t step forward, a labour victory, but we are not yet there. We only have one country left,” Kristersso­n told the broadcaste­r.

“We have shown to Turkey that we take the fight against terrorism seriously, and they had some valid reasons for their position. We have made a really big effort to show other countries that we take their security concerns as seriously as we do our own.”

 ?? ?? Sweden’s PM Ulf Kristersso­n
Sweden’s PM Ulf Kristersso­n

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