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An energy revolution is under way with far-reaching consequenc­es for nations, companies, and the way we address climate change. Surveying recent surges in technologi­cal innovation­s, Helm’s provocativ­e new book documents how the global move toward the internet-of-things will inexorably reduce the demand for oil, gas, and renewables—and prove more effective than current efforts to avert climate change.

Oil companies and energy utilities must begin to adapt their existing business models or face future irrelevanc­y. Oil-exporting nations, particular­ly in the Middle East, will be negatively impacted, whereas the United States and European countries that are investing in new technologi­es may find themselves leaders in the geopolitic­al game. Timely and controvers­ial, this book concludes by offering advice on what government­s and businesses can and should do now to prepare for a radically different energy future.

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