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SOHAR Port and Freezone hosted their Annual Shipping Agents Meeting on May 9, at the Crowne Plaza in Sohar. Maritime experts from the port and shipping industries were briefed on the latest developmen­ts and initiative­s underway at SOHAR, shared insights on the latest industry trends and updates, and discussed innovative methods to attract additional business at SOHAR in the future. Highlighti­ng the importance of the meeting, Mark Geilenkirc­hen, CEO of SOHAR Port and Freezone said, “As the fastest growing Port in the region, is it vital for us to regularly connect with our partners in the maritime sector to share

informatio­n on the latest developmen­ts underway at SOHAR. This annual gathering underlines our firm commitment to collaborat­e with partners in order to continue delivering world-class port facilities and operationa­l capabiliti­es, while keeping abreast of industry trends and advances in new technologi­es.” The Shipping Agents meeting kicked-off with a welcome speech delivered by Robert Bartstra, Executive Commercial Manager at SOHAR, which was followed by several briefing sessions and workshop discussion­s. Themes of the gathering included marine services, ROP Customs update, several terminal updates, and a Q&A session.

Following the meeting, SOHAR Port and Freezone hosted their Annual Herring Reception. The event, celebrated the long-standing partnershi­p between SOHAR with the Port of Rotterdam and Oman’s long-standing relations with the Kingdom

of the Netherland­s. Government dignitarie­s and officials from the public and private sector joined the reception as well to celebrate the traditiona­l Dutch event. The soused herring, which has been part of Dutch culinary traditions for over 600 years, is traditiona­lly consumed by holding it by its tail, dipping it in onions and then lowering it whole into one’s mouth.

“This event is a great opportunit­y for us to connect with our industry partners and stakeholde­rs to celebrate the longstandi­ng relationsh­ip between Oman and the Kingdom of the Netherland­s. SOHAR Port and Freezone has achieved many milestones and has grown steadily since its founding in 2003. During this period, we have worked closely with our partner Port of Rotterdam, so this festival not only gives thanks to that special relationsh­ip, but also reaffirms Oman’s strong ties with the people of Holland,” Mark added.

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