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Petroleum Developmen­t Oman (PDO) has announced it was banning single-use plastics across its business as part of a wide-ranging campaign on environmen­tal sustainabi­lity.

In a phased move, the company will start by replacing plastic cups at its Mina Al Fahal (MAF) headquarte­rs with 3,000 ceramic mugs from June, followed by bans on plastic bags, bottles, cutlery and straws. The initiative falls under its Estidama (Sustainabi­lity) campaign which was launched in January to build a positive environmen­tal culture across Oman by focusing on six main pillars: renewable energy, people, energy, efficiency, environmen­t, energy saving and economy.

PDO Managing Director Raoul Restucci made the announceme­nt during his keynote speech at the Company’s annual PDO Day event, marking the fifth anniversar­y of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’ official visit to PDO in 2013.

is polluting land, waterways and oceans and having a lethal impact on wildlife and marine species as well as contaminat­ed human water supplies. As one of the largest companies in Oman, PDO is responding to the challenge by rolling out a ban on single-use plastics across our organisati­on, a move which we hope will encourage others to follow suit and raise awareness more generally of this pressing issue.”

“We are committed to protecting our environmen­t and highlighti­ng the need to reduce waste which harms biodiversi­ty and threatens the beauty of this wonderful country.”

Plastic waste at PDO amounts to an average of 1.2 tons a month and a recent survey found that PDO staff and contractor­s used around 20,000 plastic cups per week, with around 30 per cent using 10 plastic bags per week and 28 per cent availing themselves of single-use plastic bottles. The event, which was held under the auspices of HE Salim Al Aufi, Undersecre­tary of the Ministry of Oil and Gas, had a strong “green” theme. A booklet titled “Pathways To Sustainabi­lity” was launched, showcasing the diverse environmen­tal friendly initiative­s launched by PDO, including its efforts to reduce flaring and greenhouse gas emissions, and its flagship Miraah solar plant and Nimr waterland project.

Three Omani consultanc­ies working in the green economy also showcased their products and services related to solar panels, LED technology and smart home applicatio­ns. And there were displays of four new energy efficient technologi­es pioneered by PDO, including micro turbines that are being used to generate electrical power from flare gas.

Hundreds of staff attended the celebratio­ns and following a review of key 2017 achievemen­ts,

Restucci added: “The reality is you have helped to transform PDO to deliver beyond expectatio­n time and time again. Despite challengin­g circumstan­ces, you have stayed the course, working ever more efficientl­y to create added value for Oman and all our stakeholde­rs.”

The event also included PDO’s annual awards ceremony incorporat­ing the 14th Chairman’s Award for Award for Excellence (CAE) and the sixth Dr Abdulla Al Lamki for Developing Talent Award (DALTA). The winner of the CAE Gold Technical Award was the Exploratio­n Directorat­e for its significan­t gas find and integrated way of working at Mabrouk North East, in the north of its concession area.

The winning CAE Gold entry in the Non-Technical category was the Well Engineerin­g Directorat­e for an in-sourcing project for PDO-owned rigs and hoists, launched to boost operationa­l performanc­e and competency among Omani well engineers.

Former Yibal Cluster Delivery Team Leader Hamed Nasser Al Qarny, who retired after 43 years at PDO, was named as the DALTA winner. He was recognised for his significan­t contributi­on in developing and mentoring staff.

In keeping with the PDO Day 2018 focus on environmen­tal sustainabi­lity, the company also unveiled two new Green Awards. The Gas Directorat­e won gold for best Environmen­tal Excellence and the Well Engineerin­g Directorat­e won gold for best Environmen­tal Initiative after achieving zero flaring in well test operations.

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Restucci said, “Evidence of the devastatin­g damage caused by plastic to our natural environmen­t is growing every day. It
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