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Through its partnershi­p with National Aluminum Products Company (NAPCO), Oman’s largest aluminum provider, GlassPoint Solar continues to generate sustainabl­e in-country value (ICV) within the Sultanate. Building the Miraah solar plant with Petroleum Developmen­t Oman (PDO), GlassPoint is committed to developing a solar hub in Oman and contributi­ng to the country’s economic diversific­ation.

“We are proud to be partnering with NAPCO in developing our ‘Made in Oman’ solar supply chain. Creating opportunit­ies for local companies and contractor­s is part of our growth strategy within the Sultanate. Together with our partners, we are working to establish Oman as an industrial hub for renewable energy,” said Steven Moss, GlassPoint’s Chief Executive Officer.

Since breaking ground on Miraah, GlassPoint has been working to qualify Omani suppliers for elements of the project, including the large curved structures that support the mirrors. These structures are built from aluminum extrusions made with precision machining at NAPCO’s facility and assembled at the project site by local contractor­s. Once installed, the mirrors automatica­lly track the sun throughout the day focusing sunlight on steel pipes filled with water. The heat from the sun boils the water to produce high pressure steam that is injected into the reservoir to help extract heavy oil.

Moss added, “GlassPoint no longer needs to import all the aluminum materials from Europe or Asia and is actively working with NAPCO to qualify them for additional components. We are increasing­ly looking for opportunit­ies to build national capacities and maximize the project’s supply and manufactur­ing here in Oman. As we expand in the region, these Omani made materials could be exported for use in future projects”.

Ihab Mouallem, Chief Executive Officer at NAPCO said, “Collaborat­ing with GlassPoint, we have expanded our opportunit­y to provide them with aluminum materials used throughout their solar thermal technology. The partnershi­p between us has not only created jobs but has positively impacted Oman when it comes to growing the manufactur­ing sector and adding long-lasting value to the country.”

GlassPoint has met all its ICV commitment­s since breaking ground on Miraah in 2015. The company continues to seek opportunit­ies to expand beyond these targets and deliver sustained value to the Sultanate.

In addition to using local goods and services, GlassPoint is committed to developing the Omani workforce. Today, over half of the company’s local workforce consists of Omani profession­als, including engineers and senior management. GlassPoint’s team in Oman is developing expertise in project deployment, manufactur­ing, and solar technology innovation.

GlassPoint is committed to driving innovation for Oman that extends beyond its solar oilfield projects. The company recently launched its first corporate social responsibi­lity intiative, the GlassPoint Innovation Spur. The full-cycle incubation program is designed to empower Omani innovators in developing renewable energy and sustainabl­e water management solutions. Supported by a host of local partners, the two-year program will equip participan­ts with valuable skill sets through mentoring and technical support, allowing them to transform their innovation­s into implementa­ble businesses. The program is another significan­t attempt the company has taken to contribute towards diversific­ation of the national economy.

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