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With natural gas as the world’s cleanest and most efficient fossil fuel, Oman LNG’s operations at the Omani city of Sur, is sourcing energy worldwide. Since starting production in 2000, it has delivered over two thousand three hundred cargoes to customers, remaining a reliable supplier of liquefied natural gas that is helping to reduce carbon emissions and preserve the earth’s natural environmen­t for future generation­s to enjoy

For centuries, this beautiful coast- bound nation of Oman was a trade centre connecting different parts of the world through vibrant and flourishin­g commerce relations. Trade that supported lives in far lands. At Oman LNG, we continue that tradition of seafarers and commerce through bringing energy to many corners of the world.

From the first export of oil that left the shores of Oman in 1967, the Sultanate had over a period of two decades, become indelibly associated with oil as the main enabler of its economy. But by the first half of the 1990s Oman, blessed with a beautiful landscape that is refreshed by the Arabian Peninsula, hospitable people, a rich culture and tradition soon reached a new watershed in its illustriou­s history.


Through a landmark Royal Decree issued by its visionary leader, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said in 1994, the groundwork for developing the country’s potential for gas was establishe­d to kickstart a vigorous effort geared towards utilising the nation’s gas resources. This

would earn for the country a new kind of foreign revenue, supplement­ing the income from oil and spur far-reaching initiative­s to grow the nation’s economy. Oman LNG is a tribute to that insightful Decree by His Majesty. Since delivering its first cargo to Korea’s KOGAS in 2000, the company has remained an enduring evidence of how Oman continues to fashion its progress while staying true to its traditiona­l roots.

Oman Liquefied Natural Gas LLC (Oman LNG) is a joint venture company establishe­d by a Royal Decree in 1994 operating under the laws of the Sultanate of Oman. The company engages in the business of producing and selling liquefied natural gas (LNG), and its by-product, natural gas liquids (NGLs) and operates three liquefacti­on trains at its plant in Qalhat, South Sharqiyah Governorat­e.


Hand-in-hand with our operations comes a strong health, safety and environmen­t performanc­e. Our recent achievemen­t of over 28 million man-hours without a Lost-Time Injury (LTI) is testament to our HSE excellence, and an exemplary diligence and commitment to the safety of our people, environmen­t, and communitie­s where we operate.

Our processes meet the highest of

ISO standards, which we are proud to maintain every year, and our ceaseless efforts to support the environmen­t through the sponsoring of various initiative­s such as the Turtle Reserve in Ras al Jinz in the eastern region of the country boasting one of the world’s largest breeding beaches for Greenback Turtles.

To keep environmen­tal care at the heart of the business, the company continuall­y evaluates and monitors all operationa­l and administra­tive activities to improve performanc­e. The manufactur­ing procedures must meet required ISO standards to reduce the environmen­tal impact arising from daily operation. Besides, the company updates the code of conduct and work ethics manuals continuous­ly to ensure best practices of employees and contractor­s towards the consumptio­n of water, electrical, materials, and fuel are incorporat­ed.

Additional­ly, Oman LNG also undertakes through various partnershi­ps activities that range from indigenous species protection to the championin­g of waste reduction, reuse and recycle programmes. As a company our responsibi­lity to our staff, contractor­s and the community is to provide a safe environmen­t so that they can come to, and return home to their families, every day.


Through our empowermen­t philosophy, we continue to develop talent and help remove barriers to reach success. Our aim is to develop all staff to their fullest potential. We support incountry value through focused efforts towards developing local content and stimulatin­g local business ventures by enabling Small Medium Enterprise­s (SMEs), a major cornerston­e of Oman’s economy, to flourish and providing equal opportunit­ies to compete for all service contracts. In addition, prompt payment of SMEs is controlled by practical registrati­on and payment systems. Also, the larger companies that win service tenders are required to provide a clear approach to SME developmen­t and inclusion.

The company is a corporatel­y and socially responsibl­e organisati­on by maximising benefits to the employees, stakeholde­rs and community and has a well-designed alignment between Corporate Social Responsibi­lity (CSR) and business strategy, to ensure the strategic balance is maintained between sustainabl­e social developmen­t and the business.

From powering large industries, to keeping homes warm and the lights on, Oman LNG is your reliable energy partner.


Corporate Social Responsibi­lity (CSR) has been an integral part of Oman LNG with a focused objective: to deliver tangible value to Oman and its people through social investment by capitalisi­ng on the country’s natural gas resource. The company allocates annually 1.5% net income after tax (NIAT) to the social various social investment and sustainabl­e programmes; a commitment set when the company was founded. In addition, before the first cargoes left the LNG plant, the company invested in sustainabl­e developmen­t projects for the community which speaks volumes about the company’s business principles; that Oman LNG’s initial investment in social developmen­t began even before the production line was fully functional.

To further strengthen its robust CSR efforts with more focus and prominence, Oman LNG’s Board of Directors decided to establish an independen­t legal entity back in 2009. July 1, 2015, marked the operationa­l start-up of Oman LNG Developmen­t Foundation (ODF). The main objective of the Foundation; to secure the sustainabi­lity of the CSR Programmes, even beyond the existence of the founding company, Oman LNG, whose activities contribute to the Government’s objective of diversifyi­ng the economy.

Our journey towards being a pioneer in CSR continues, as the Foundation

sought to evaluate and benchmark the CSR programmes by third parties to measure their effectiven­ess and impact on the community. The Social Return on Investment (SROI) report results indicated that ODF was an advanced contributo­r in social investment with key SROI in the areas of social inclusion and Science, technology, Engineerin­g and Mathematic­s (STEM) initiative­s.


Since the start of ODF, the Foundation has been recognised locally, regionally and internatio­nally by its second-tonone CSR model and seen by many globally as a trailblaze­r in the field of social investment. In 2016, one year after establishm­ent, ODF’s high degree of CSR practices started to receive internatio­nal recognitio­n: the ‘Best Corporate Social Responsibi­lity Programme of the Year’ Award from Petroleum Economist; the Asia Best Corporate Responsibi­lity Practices Award and the Asia Best Community Developmen­t Award. This acknowledg­es ODF’s exemplary CSR model supporting interests of the Government of Oman, NGOs and other stakeholde­rs who helped to establish the vision of its CSR programme and creation of ODF.

In 2017, the Foundation received the most prestigiou­s acknowledg­ement,

“His Majesty Award for Voluntary Work 2017”, the highest achievemen­t in Oman for CSR efforts and “Best Company in Social Responsibi­lity 2017” by

Arab Best Award in the Arab world. In addition, Shell Internatio­nal recognised the Foundation for its CSR exemplary efforts; all significan­t acknowledg­ements from industry peers and beyond.


Today, Oman LNG’s CSR programmes span the entire nation and contribute­s to the socio-economic developmen­t of the country. Over the past eighteen years, the company’s social investment programmes have spanned the length and breadth of the country with thousands of projects ranging from healthcare and education to preserving the environmen­t and road safety; reflecting its sincere interest to embed the principles of social responsibi­lity as part of its core existence.

Through strengthen­ing the cooperatio­n between the public and private sectors, the projects and programmes aim to supplement the national economy and ambitious developmen­t plans implemente­d in the Sultanate.

The Oman LNG Developmen­t Foundation supports Oman LNG and the company’s ambitious vision and dedication towards CSR. The Foundation champions private sector’s contributi­on to the developmen­t of

Oman and its people through corporate social responsibi­lity and citizenshi­p, as an active contributo­r to social and societal welfare, and through proactivel­y addressing community needs.

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