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Halliburto­n congratula­tes the Sultanate of Oman on its 40th anniversar­y of gas production, and the company feels privileged to be a trusted partner in the country’s expanding oil and gas (O&G) industry. Oman’s gas developmen­t journey has been very successful since 1978, when the Yibal gas plant was inaugurate­d by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, ushering in the era of gas production in the Sultanate.

As Zeinoun Klink, Company Vice President in Oman, said, “We at Halliburto­n are proud of playing a crucial role in the developmen­t of gas assets in Oman. Our vision is to bring innovative technologi­es and solutions; invest in in country value (ICV) programmes; and help develop people and local companies, with a strong focus on health, safety, and environmen­t (HSE) and service quality (SQ).”

“We have worked hand in hand as the Sultanate developed its gas assets on the country’s journey to becoming a noted gas exporter among its peers, and we foresee our associatio­n continuing to strengthen as this journey unfolds further in the coming years through the Yibal Khuff, Khazzan, Ghazeer, Rabab Harweel, and Budour mega projects.”

Halliburto­n recognises the challenges faced by operators in Oman in both its convention­al and unconventi­onal gas assets, as operators strive to improve well deliverabi­lity while managing developmen­t drilling and completion costs from complex geology dating back 540 million years to the Precambria­n era.

Halliburto­n Business Developmen­t Manager Andrey Krokhin stated, “We at Halliburto­n collaborat­e and engineer solutions to maximise asset value for our customers. We have developed and implemente­d various technologi­es and solutions in Oman to increase production and reduce cost. We are proud of our contributi­on in the developmen­t of the oil and gas industry in Oman, and look forward to continuous collaborat­ion and value creation for our customers and our country.”

Since 1989, Halliburto­n has been an active technology partner for the O&G industry in the Sultanate of Oman. It has played a key role in providing best-in-class technology, along with engineered solutions and efficient execution services in partnershi­p with the country’s O&G providers as they developed these O&G assets.

The company’s strategy has always been to provide engineered solutions to improve productivi­ty at a lower developmen­t cost, and we are continuing to deliver on this strategy by implementi­ng best-in-class resources (personnel and equipment), working efficientl­y, and adhering to the world-class HSE standards that are already in place in Oman.

Halliburto­n has brought in innovative and proven technologi­es in the domain of stimulatio­n, collaborat­ive well placement (enabling faster drilling at lower costs), well integrity solutions, digital innovation­s in both cloud computing and software platforms to improve data management, and analytics that are paving the way for optimal asset management.

Halliburto­n believes strongly in developing in-country talent; over 80 percent of our in-country employees are Omanis, and we are continuous­ly investing heavily in developing local talent through best-in-class training and hands-on experience. We have had heavy involvemen­t in the developmen­t of ICVs through our existing contracts and have also assisted local energy entities to garner knowledge of efficient technologi­es and best practices to implement in Oman.

All these initiative­s showcase our endeavour to invest in the growing regional O&G community and to deliver value back to the people of the Sultanate, as they strive toward developing the country’s O&G assets with the most efficient technologi­es and processes available. “We are proud of our participat­ion in Oman’s O&G developmen­t journey so far, and look forward to strengthen­ing this bond even more going forward.”

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