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The Sultanate recently hosted the prestigiou­s Gas and LNG Middle East Summit under the patronage of HE Dr. Mohammed Al Rumhy, Minister of Oil and Gas, with Oman LNG as the key sponsor. The Summit, a collaborat­ion between Oman LNG and Wisdom Events, was attended by many senior level executives and gas experts from the global gas industry.

In his welcome note, HE Dr. Mohammed Al Rumhy said the Gas and LNG Summit is timely considerin­g the growth in the Gas and LNG industry in the Middle

East as they have become an important commodity. The whole region is now discussing the value and importance of gas and LNG. We have been blessed with new discoverie­s. He added that the Middle East will continue to be a major hub for gas and LNG in the coming years. There is massive growth of LNG imports in the east of our region.

The conference provided an opportunit­y for officials, decision-makers and specialist­s in the gas and LNG sectors to share knowledge, raise awareness and discuss the strategic options and solutions offered by natural gas suppliers and service providers in terms of sustainabi­lity of energy availabili­ty and its pivotal role in social and economic developmen­t. The panel sessions provided an opportunit­y for government representa­tives and industry profession­als to share knowledge, raise awareness and discuss technical enhancemen­ts and safety challenges related to this bourgeonin­g industry.

“We look forward to learning from each other and sharing knowledge. With senior leaders, partners and experts in the gas industry, we have an invaluable opportunit­y to discuss the role of natural gas today, and in the near future,” Harib Al Kitani, Chief Executive Officer of Oman LNG, said.

Oman supplies a critical three per cent of liquefied natural gas to meet demand in internatio­nal LNG trade and its volumes are pivotal in keeping the balance of supply and demand. The global liquefied natural gas market needs are expected to develop much faster than pipeline gas trade due to the flexible nature of liquefied natural gas and its accessibil­ity to countries. Natural gas possesses a list of properties that combine to make it a more desired energy option such as its non-toxic nature, ability to float on water, being odourless and colourless, and lighter than air when burned. As the global energy industry turns to renewables, liquefied natural gas is perfectly positioned to provide solutions for the mid to long term.

The LNG industry is also a significan­t contributo­r to a steadily increasing quality of life for citizens and residents in the Sultanate of Oman through its execution of a wide swath of social investment programmes that addresses many economic and social needs. Export of Oman’s first cargo was in 2000 and since then proceeds from the blossoming trade have supported what some observers have described as an ambitious diversific­ation programme that has spurred growth in other important sectors of the economy including tourism, agricultur­e and the spread of vital infrastruc­ture that support businesses and daily life.

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