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Air trough to bring heavy rains till Saturday


The latest weather charts and analysis of the National Multi-hazard Early Warning Centre, show that an upper air trough will affect the weather condition in the Sultanate from Wednesday until Saturday.

Cloud advection and formation is expected over much of the Sultanate with chances of scattered rains, occasional­ly thunder showers associated with downdraft winds, falling hail and flow of wadis in most governorat­es. Rain will be particular­ly heavy in North and South and Al Sharqiyah governorat­es on Thursday and Friday.

The sea state is expected to be rough along the Arabian Sea coasts with wave height ranging between 3 and 4 metres. The sea state along the coast of the Sea of Oman will be moderate with a maximum wave height of 2 metres.

The Civil Aviation Authority advises the public to take precaution­s during thunder showers, flow of wadis and unstable sea state and to follow its latest weather updates.

Meanwhile, rains of varying amounts fell over the Western Hajar Mountain leading to overflowin­g of wadis. The rain continued falling for almost an hour with rain cells initially centred on the Al Halti mountains in the Wilayat of Suhar and then shifted to the Wilayat of Yanqul.

The Wilayat of Al Awabi in South Al Batinah Governorat­e experience­d heavy rains associated with strong winds causing the overflowin­g of wadis in Bani Kharous and the eastern villages.

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