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Banker to core, artist at heart


MUSCAT: Ibrahim Gailani, a contempora­ry artist living in Muscat boarded a plane to Muscat seven years ago. He was unsure about his future, which involved taking up a corporate job at the Oman Arab Bank.

Already going through a transforma­tion internally, Oman gave Gailani the room to establish his studio and emerge out of the “Ibrahim—the Corporate Executive” shell as “Gailani—the Art- ist.” Today, Gailani has become a complete brand in Oman that encompasse­s all things art. From “Curated by Gailani” events, to “Gailani Art Retreat” and to “Gailani Art Talks,” there is no escaping brand Gailani in Oman.

For Gailani, who is also a member of the Omani Society of Fine Arts, it has been a conscious effort to bring art to the people, to offer insights to the non-artists, and use social media to spread the philosophy of art that has been the greatest success of Gailani.

Whether it is an art opening of a 12-year-old student’s work, or judging 900 paintings by children for His Majesty the Sultan, to assembling street graffiti artist, Gailani is always present. It is his commitment to the art scene in Oman that has gathered a lot of respect, even from those who otherwise may not favour his modern artistic style.

Perhaps it is that passion that has gotten translated into cyber space as his art website has won the 2014 Gold Award in the “Art & Culture” Category in the Sultanate of Oman.

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