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Ac­cord­ing­toman­u­fac­tur­erS­pald­ingth­eav­er­agelifes­panofanNBA bas­ket­bal­lis10,000bounces Eng­land's first great in­dus­try was wool

The av­er­age age at which Amer­ica's pres­i­dents have taken of­fice is 54 The word 'al­most' is the long­est in the English lan­guage with all the let­ters in al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der

A pip is one of the spots on die or domino

The most com­monly used word in English con­ver­sa­tion is 'I' Did you knowthe num­ber 2 is the only num­ber greater than zero that when added to or mul­ti­plied by it­self gives you the same re­sult (4)

The word 'taxi' is spelled the same in English, Ger­man, French, Swedish, and Por­tuguese

Ablu­to­pho­bia is the fear of bathing

Ach­lu­o­pho­bi­ais the fear of the dark

Acro­pho­bia is the fear of heights

Ago­ra­pho­bia is the fear of wide open spa­ces Aich­mo­pho­bia is the fear of nee­dles and pointed ob­jects Ak­ous­ti­co­pho­bia is the fear of noises

Amath­o­pho­bia is the fear of dust

Aty­chipho­bia is the fear of fail­ure

Bron­to­pho­bia is the fear of thun­der­storms Catop­tro­pho­bia is the fear of mir­rors

Den­dropho­bia is the fear of trees

Gato­pho­bia is the fear of cats

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