Ter­ror: The new lan­guage of war­fare..!

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SO easy isn’t it? Walk into a room­ful of un­armed peo­ple, pull out your gun, spray bul­lets into them, then pull out an­other gun, shoot them one by one, then shoot your­self. So easy isn’t it? So easy isn’t it? Walk upto a man cycling, pull out your knife or axe and hack his head! This is the new war­fare! Sense­less! Cowardly! And yet there seems to be a sys­tem!

It is like the lynch­ing mob of the old Wild West: All the men ride out with the mi­nor­ity black slave they have caught, put a rope around his head and hang him to a tree. They are sur­prised the other blacks are not protest­ing. A few days later, the other blacks, in an­other town, go to a farm­house where there are only white women and chil­dren and kill all of them.

Such a story rarely hap­pened, be­cause peo­ple didn’t fight that way those days, but to­day, in­jus­tice at one place spells ter­ror some­where else. Po­lit­i­cal leader’s stupid ut­ter­ances, means in­no­cent lives lost in the most safe places. Ter­ror has no safe places.

Un­less we shut the mouths of stupid lead­ers, un­less jus­tice is meted whether you are a ma­jor­ity or mi­nor­ity, ter­ror will tilt the bal­ance to­wards see­ing the bal­ance is kept. Ter­ror is the new way to even scores. When the lynch­ing mob feels they have fun, they have lost. When a leader speaks stupid words against a com­mu­nity, they have lost. When jus­tice is not meted out to weaker sec­tions, we have lost. Be­cause ter­ror is the weapon of the weak. And a strong weapon it is.

Peo­ple like Trump, and vot­ing like Brexit, will only bring new ter­ror. We need to en­gage with ter­ror, not with the ter­ror­ist, but with the cause of these acts. We need to bring about fair-play, have peace­ful set­tle­ments, stop talk­ing ill about any com­mu­nity, and start di­a­logu­ing with each other.

You who crack jokes against a par­tic­u­lar com­mu­nity, one day when you hold your dead child in your hands you will have only your­selves to blame.

Jokes be­come laugh­ter, be­come mock­ery, be­comes bul­ly­ing, be­come acts of in­jus­tice and fi­nally are re­warded with an act of ter­ror. I con­demn ter­ror just like you, but we need to find a so­lu­tion. We need weapons of peace, not war, talk not fists. So easy wasn’t it? Walked into a room­ful of un­armed peo­ple, pulled out guns, sprayed bul­lets into them, then pulled out an­other gun, shot them one by one, then shot them­selves. So easy isn’t it? But let’s do some­thing, us­ing the weapons of peace, there’s no other way..! — Email:bob­s­ban­ter@gmail.com

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